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Summer Skin Care

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And summer came! But … what about atopic skin in summer? What advice we give daddies for skin care of their kids? We started with atopic skin and already go out buts … We come spring, where these skins are in one of its worst moments, buds, eczema, itches … sometimes even we apply topical corticosteroids and in more severe cases antibiotic and all (if there superinfection).


With the arrival of warm weather, more sunshine, less humidity, we see that the skin is improving, what that? why? For the Sun! The UV rays act on cells of the immune system by inhibiting inflammation of dermatitis and also act on infectious agents; The result: better skin. And that’s it? Can we say that summer is the season star for those suffering from atopy? Actually yes, but (as it exits the buts …) as we know atopic skin need special care and although the sun the improvement and much, no summery factors that also affect them and you have to know them and control them.

Let’s lump them in 5 Tips Summer

1- Hygiene not go on holiday

Impossible to forget, change, or modify excessive hygiene of this type of skin. While we’re on vacation, atopy does not understand this and if the skin does not have good hygiene and especially indicated for this type of skin do not get skin in good condition. Do not forget to put in the neceser sobreengrasante bath gel, which gives the lipid capita these skins are missing, ie, the protective mantle they need.

2- hydration, hydration, hydration

We will follow the same routine the rest of the year, much hydrating skin, a good option is Multilind microsilver. And as we are in summer, tambiñen can use moisturizer after sun milk of Ladival Children. This hydrating milk is specific for Children and Atopic, is rich in nutrients acids and vitamin E, ideal for the recovery of the child’s skin after sun exposure. It provides a spectacular hydration and helps the skin maintain the protective mantle missing.

3 bath beach and pool

Here is some contradiction … We can not leave no child in summer without beach or pool, right? But (another but …) we also know that excess water to this type of skin is not going too well to say … At the pharmacy you can find a kind of creams called “barrier” that create a protective film to try to isolate a little skin. We can apply it to the whole body of the child, as for texture (creamier) and pot size (not usually will be very much) is not too comfortable, but we can use it to areas where there is more irritation than usually folds . To minimize the effects of excess water and irritation from chlorine and salt in the rest of the body, what we do is a shower with running water out of the pool (above) to remove the irritating chemical moieties that are in the pools such as chlorine. When leaving the sea it is also recommended, but is not so necessary, will depend on how irritated you are the child’s skin and if it bothers you or not. After the shower or bath, the child must be dried without rubbing, giving little touches especially with towel and apply moisturizer Ladival Children and Atopic after sun. So we try to minimize the maximum the effect of water and irritants and let the small sea i enjoy the pool.

4- the sun with sunscreen

Although the effect of the sun’s rays are beneficial for this type of skin, it also hurts, so I always, always, always, should be well protected from the sun with a good sunscreen product like all other skins. For children with atopic skin, the photoresist should have a requirement that is suitable for this type of skin. They need a photoresist as Ladival protecion sun Children and Atopic where protective agents leads are fit and have been tested in this type of skin, not irritate the skin, and its formulation is enriched with specific moisturizing agents, which like the children Ladival lotion after sun, take vitamin E, Defensil acids and nutrients. If a “normal” skin must be well protected from the sun imagine atopic skin, which is more fragile and more easily irritated, sunburned for these serious skin a fairly major setback. Also, if you have any injury dermatitis caused by scratching, with a good sunscreen eventually also we avoid the appearance of a sunspot.

5- Control sweating

Sweat causes irritation and itching in atopic skin. How we control the sweat with this heat? Clothing, using cotton clothes, no synthetic fibers, washed with nonionic detergent to minimize the risk of contact irritation. Footwear should be open and breathable. If the child will sweat a lot or a quick shower will wash a little to remove sweat and reduce the risk of irritation. At home we will try to have a temperature and humidity controlled, with good ventilation and air conditioners so that the child does not sweat. But (keep coming buts …) beware the air, too dry out the atmosphere and this is not good for atopic skins, dry out even more, so care and hydration.



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