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While we are aware of the importance of protecting our skin to show off smooth, healthy and beautiful . However, one is lost with so much cream on the market: nutritious, moisturizers, serums, protective, anti-aging, bb creams … The question to choose one treatment or another is knowing what needs our dermis .

Experts say that the ideal ratios for a
balanced epidermis and are healthy 13% water, 70% protein and 15% lipids . In this case the skin is not dried or flaccid, since it is well hydrated (through the water) and well nourished (for lipids). But do we know the differences between the two concepts?

hydration means water to the skin . It is therefore essential to drink our face is not tight, rough or off. The (cooling and heating) extreme temperatures, sun and UV rays , and the use of too abrasive soaps are the main culprits of dehydration in the dermis.

To avoid these effects, the
Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology recommended to apply a moisturizer every day, which will return the elasticity and smoothness to the face. Also advised then get a product containing filters SPF (in Spanish FPS) or apply a sunscreen (especially in summer).

Moisturizers are recommended for any type of skin, as they provide a thin protective layer of the epidermis (the outer layer) and maintain the necessary amount of CO2 in the tissue.
Emulsions are usually light, which apply day and containing mineral oil,
propylene glycol and water .
nutrition is the food for our skin , is what gives body shape and fill the face. Nourish skin regenerates the epidermal cells as well as having a resistant skin external factors. The nourishing creams, also called structural , delay and soften the signs of time, such as: sagging skin, wrinkles and subcutaneous tissue atrophy.
Its mission is to
provide an extra dose of sebum the skins sebaceous glands do not secrete enough usually those more mature and sun – damaged. These formulas typically include ceramides and phospholipids , which make it more compact and elastic dermis. Its texture is more fat and unctuous that moisturizers (containing lipids) and are applied at night, when cell renewal is faster.
With all this, when we have to choose between one treatment or another, we must look first at
how our skin . And it is that eventually every skin is a world and each world requires a unique care.


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