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Skin Care Tips

In Skin Care Tips

Originally, we may use only those Moyse riser at a water base, but when the weather turns cold.
Skin dries up The product is an oil base to moisture than (Patrick’s Most lotions are branded as “Cream” That’s usually the oil base), but be conscious too that the oil used in the product is derived. For the face, choose the kind that does not clog like primrose oil. Almond Oil This blockage can cause acne. Also avoid products that alchohol base because it can cause skin irritation or dry again.

Despite the cold temperatures, but the sun has not fallen as well.
Before leaving the house for about 30 minutes, do not forget to apply sunscreen. Add the cream and if outside for long periods.

The skin of the hands is thinner than the skin and other parts of the body, which means that you will keep the moisture of the hand is more difficult than the other, especially in a very cold and may lead to itching or dryness.
So, if the cold should wear gloves. Apply hand cream just for Thailand, but more often it’s enough.

What often is heard frequently drink a lot of water, and then the skin will look radiant and youthful fact, there is just believed it.
but wait! That water will be useless. It is beneficial to overall health and well on the skin of people with severe dehydration. But for the skin in general. Drinking lots of water did not help matters much.

In the winter
Your feet need extra moisturizing. Look for products that contain petroleum jelly. Or glycerin look. And their products skin cells are important as well. It allows the product moisture is absorbed into the skin faster and deeper.

The skin dry
Avoid stripping Mask or normal use of the product as a clay base, it will pull moisture or fat in the skin. This period should be used with other products Cleansing Milk. Mild cleansers Moisturizing Mask or type is better.

Taking a hot bath on a cold front garden provides comfort while bathing is also true.
But the skin is very dry or itchy skin may come and go with the break. The cold water should be warm, but it fits. And try not to stay too long in the water would be better.

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