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“Your skin” hard water in the skin near a lot of people have problems with skin healing, it would not be as dry skin, redness, rash, peeling and itching even change the product on the skin. many brands already
Try medication then. But the problem remains the same in return. Perhaps your skin may not be a problem because its own or because of any allergic compounds. In the product on the skin, it is not. But behind the symptoms on the skin, it becomes something close to us that it is “water” because even with good products to maintain beautiful skin is. But if the water you use every day are not friendly to the skin. It can cause skin problems in them. And water is a major cause of skin problems is that hard water

softener.Is water with mixtures of minerals and has a high alkaline pH is divided into two types: temporary water softener. And permanent water softener The water is pumped up from the ground or groundwater. Likewise, it is hard water. And sometimes Water supply in some areas, it has a TBN or the hardness is too high.

Skin problems caused by hard water this. It is because water reacts with minerals in products for the skin. Or soap that we use Make no bubbles or little bubbles. And the so-called soap client, which the client itself becomes this soap residue on the surface. Rugged feel uncomfortable and can clog pores. Skin problems caused by the acne, skin allergies, itchy, red, dry skin and peeling until this “hard water” is also clearly linked to dermatitis. Which appears as a red rash with blisters and can be found in serum. The dermatitis is caused by minerals in the water, the skin loses moisture to the calcium compounds. and magnesium Also reacts with skin oils. The oil nourishes the skin with greater density. And change from a liquid to a solid state and thicker. A wax or beeswax. This will clog the pores. The cause pimples or red blotches followed. And despite a cleanser that. Does not clog pores, it was not possible to avoid problems caused by hard water on the skin. To wash and pat dry until then. Minerals dissolved in the water still adhering to the surface. And continue to react with the natural oils on the surface. Cause clogged pores as before. And is also the one responsible for the destruction of collagen in the skin. Skin wrinkles as well


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