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Tips For Healthy Skin

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Hello everyone
Because many of us have been urging each other so much that we wanted to share.
Tips Page Younger Face as adolescents age. Today there is no time to spare and humorous insight and share tips transparent child younger people here

1. Drink more water.

Moisturizing factor helps our skin to look younger.
Drinking adequate amounts of water each day, so it is important to help us look younger. If the body gets purified into drinking water or drink soda or alcohol. The body will expose our skin to drink what we ingest. Makes skin look radiant and hydrated. The amount of water suitable to drink each day? At least 8 glasses a day here

2. intimate and adequate sleep.

Enough rest for at least 7-8 hours per day.
It allows our faces look younger than I know Growth hormone or hormone of the growth will be shed over 4 to 5 pm, this hormone also helps to balance the body, it also helps to build tissue. various In the body, too So take time to relax the body, much like  

3. Do not forget to apply

even if they only care if you do not protect your skin from the sun.
Your skin is not good at all. The sun is the most important one, not the skin. Say that it is not only useful, but it is something that should not be forgotten by me. In addition to sunscreen, sun protection, not to dull it. It also helps protect the skin sun freckles or that it is gradual. The growth we unknowingly by

choosing a sunscreen for the skin.

Experts recommend choosing a sunscreen that suits their own skin to provide the most effective.
Because each type of skin with sunscreen different

– a white Europeans.
A very thin skin There was a very simple sunburn after sun exposure. You need to use a sunscreen with a high SPF (SPF 45-60)

– white with pink ones in Asia.
This type of skin is very fragile Cause sunburn sensitivity There was a tan, use
sunscreen, face a relatively high an SPF (SPF 30-45)

– white, yellow Asians.
This type of skin, but also melanin can tolerate some sun. The erythema was slower than the surface 2 of the first type should choose a sunscreen of an SPF medium (Protection SPF30)

– dark skin with melanin tall brown skin does not burn No tan cream
sunscreen next to. a low SPF (SPF 15)

SPF values higher than prevented.
Prevention is better than

All cast long ago, there is (not) a secret we want to share them listen to me only 3 drinks a lot of water to eat healthy enough rest.
And apply sunscreen to protect your skin and keep it looking good is always


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