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Tips For Young Skin

In Skin Care Tips

Dr. Pilai before Taweesin author. Forever Young Skin Care Tips records that will care for younger girls need to see daily life. By avoiding the 7 habits are harming the skin.

– mockingly blue sun Known ultraviolet The type A or type B, it is penetrating the glass. Window to the surface in all cases. It is recommended to apply sunscreen every day. Not every day, even on cloudy or foggy house dormant if not dead skin faster

– Moths are faster.
I like to sleep So where to sleep Another day, I have to find time to nap time, such as a car seat or a seat closed meeting. Eyes a little Blood will flow If the eyes are the eyes so dark

– omnivorous age even more delicate eating.
If you eat meat, flour, sugar, do not eat fruits and vegetables. The skin is not fresh Avoid alcohol and caffeine. Drink 8-10 glasses of water a day.

– First of all accumulated toxins Smoking makes your skin look rough and mercury in dental fillings, which are in a good amalgam.
Silver or gold The filling of these kinds of eating acidic foods such as cheese, sugar, soft drinks, alcohol, mercury will come out with the food. Then swallowed Mercury is a heavy metal to catch the blood. Blood is not working well Oxygen supply to organs not. A mercury bearing Instead of carrying oxygen. The chronic anemia chronic allergies Because red blood cells are not functioning normally. May result in a cardiovascular disease. The skin was very dry and sensitive skin

– Stress affects the body stores excess energy into fighting stress.
Strained to the point Cortisol came out exhausted adrenal glands. The skinny body Haggard Looks fretting

– recumbent exercise.
The exercise is the elixir. The Anti-Aging. To slow down aging at its best

– applying the wrong way, there are two ways to scrub cleanser.
Cause wrinkles, dry, rough skin, dark skin, large pores and cosmetic expired.

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