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Tomato Juice For Skin

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 Drinking tomato juice stream strength. With the benefit of tomato red. Many people already know that there are many important nutrients, especially the mouth that ate tomatoes and beautiful skin. Make you a drink tomato juice regularly. But I know that Tomatoes have more than just the skin. 

          Lycopene, a substance other groups carotene carotenoids. Found in fruits and vegetables that are orange-red like watermelon, papaya, grapefruit, carrots, Gac is an anti-oxidant. Anti-cancer class. The data from the Research  indicates that in 100 grams of fresh tomato lycopene content of about 0.9 -9.30 mg 

a lot of research to confirm the excellent properties of plant species such as red. 

Reduce the risk of prostate cancer. This is a notable benefit of this type of plant red 
prevent bowel cancer. Because tomatoes contain more water and fiber. It helps the digestive system to normal 
a reduced risk of lung cancer, ovarian cancer, breast cancer, pancreatic cancer 
aging wrinkles. It is high in antioxidants 
nourish your skin moisturized 
eliminates bad cholesterol in the artery wall. Thereby reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease 
the eye because of the high vitamin A 
cure scurvy. Scurvy 
control and lower blood sugar levels 
Building strong bones Help Prevent Osteoporosis It has a high vitamin K 
+,  reduces water retention in the body. Because tomatoes helps regulate fluid balance in cells and tissues 
cleans the bad cholesterol in the artery wall. Reduce cholesterol in the blood 
eat every day reduces stress 
the hair shiny, healthy look stronger  Canadian scientists found that lycopene in tomato juice. Rich in phosphorus, calcium helps build strong bones and teeth.

Just drink a glass of fresh tomatoes per day to get calcium is dairy products. Especially older women Drink tomato juice 2 cups per day for a period of 4 months will reduce the rate of osteoporosis. If you drink tomato juice How to get a drink? 

          North. Reprints Donna Farmer, a nutrition expert and a healthy diet. It has a guide says. A drink tomato juice to get the most done 2 ways. 

– Drink before meals It is now an empty stomach The oil droplets into the tomato juice to aid in the absorption of the body. 

 after-dinner drinks After dinner, you can drink tomato juice on the fly. The fat in the food they eat will help in the absorption of lycopene is better. 

Who can drink tomato juice – do not? 

          As a result, the first tomato that very little energy. And a little sugar exists If the juice does not add sugar to  fat people, or people who want to lose weight can drink it happily.  Do not fear fat yet People with diabetes can drink it as well. 

 But to be aware of patients “kidney” because the nutrition information that tomatoes are “potassium” very high,  so it is not suitable for people with kidney disease. Or patients with high blood potassium. The body potassium may drive it out. 

          In addition,  people with gastric reflux. Do not eat too much tomato  Because tomatoes are acidic and mild if eaten, can cause symptoms. 

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