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Benefits of Vitamin C For Skin

In Skin Care Tips

Benefits of Vitamin C It helps in preventing colds, relieve stress and help the skin to be beautiful as well …

red fruit sour and sweet to eat this way. Or eat with ice cream or sweets What a cool, delicious to eat strawberries with blueberries 100g You can get vitamin C, 66 mg study found that compared equal weight powerful antioxidants of strawberries. Newberry higher than the orange one and a half times. And up to seven times and tomato …

flesh is sweet tangerine 100g It contains vitamin C 70. then mg But time is not peeling, peeling thick. Austrian researchers found that When ripe papaya Chlorophyll in papaya is a colorless substance that has antioxidant prowess accumulate in the shell and peel.

look outside may not eat much. But it took a knife to cut down the middle, it will face a bright green flesh. A taste that is second to none. It also contains vitamin C than oranges to 2 times (Kiwi 100 grams of vitamin C, 100 mg) fiber is over apples. It is also rich in potassium, too. Now the kiwi fruit is not rare anymore in the market.

will not sour video. But here again the fruit is high in vitamin C, it has just 100 grams to 187 mg of vitamin C (more than oranges, 4 times) Do not eat the peel, eat it. Because the vitamin is accumulated in the shell it here.

Passion fruit,
hot weather is just half passion fruit cut in half. Sprinkle a little salt, then scoop flesh. Sour and sweet taste delicious to help you feel refreshed immediately. Plus 39.1 mg of vitamin C per 100 grams of meat, and also reduces the amount of fat in the blood.

Each day, our bodies need vitamin C is 60 milligrams, so just eat fruits that are high in vitamin C. This is sufficient for our bodies then.

Caution is If it should be squeezed juice and eat immediately. But if you really hold Do not exceed two days, but eh.

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image info graphic by Beauté équilibrée.

Health care, skin care, once inside, do not forget to take off with it. Whether it is to clean the surface properly. Product selection, proper cleaning. The natural oils in the skin so as not to lose too much. Do not include the bath too long. Because the skin loses moisture. As well as the use of sunscreen to help protect the skin. And the subject of buying skin care products for your skin – our faces with it. To restore moisture to the skin, including skin. And our faces to look younger to me … a long time.


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