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The combination skin is always the most difficult to care because as we know, there are areas where there is increased sebum production, usually forehead, nose and chin. And we find other signs of dry skin and measuring the sebum lower, as usually cheeks.

Therefore, it is easy to become unbalanced and summer months, when most attacked by the sun, if we do outdoor activities, for sea water or pools also it alters the pH and can alter the barrier natural protection. And on many occasions, for fear of oiling in the T-zone, we not moisturize enough and tends to dehydrate.


So, we must take care not to mention 3 points that are key in the care of the mixed skins in summer; cleansing, moisturizing and sun protection . And select specific treatments to improve your health and appearance.


  1. Weekly mask:

    This advice is essential in all skin throughout the year. But the  combination skin , especially in the T – zone needs a plus cleaning to prevent clogging and dilate the pores and prevent the appearance of imperfections. In addition, we can apply the mask 1 to week around the face for deep cleaning and removing dead cells . And again during the week, only the T – zone, not drying it excessively in the area of the cheeks, if we have very dry. I recommend a cleansing mask or a soft scrub; a clay base or an enzyme exfoliator (enzyme – based fruit such as papaya, papain) that promote cell renewal and improve skin texture, without irritation.


  1. Mixed skin hydration:

    This point is also key because as we mentioned at the beginning, combination skin dehydrates easily. I recommend incorporating a serum routine as it will penetrate deeper layers of the skin, but bring you fat. Providing the water needed for proper metabolism. An ideal place for this type of skin, which in addition to providing serum hydration , provide the antioxidant and anti – aging action , is the serum with Photolyase of Ladival . Very effective counteracting sun damage and a basic requirement for this type of skin the months of greatest sun exposure. This will facilitate the dermo while routine will make it more complete than if we apply only morning sun protection. This will be the ideal combination: regenerator serum with Photolyase and sunscreen in the morning. And it is essential that a proper daily intake of water, at least 1.5 liters. We should not only drink when we are thirsty, but we hydrate our body and skin to promote hydration, also from the inside.


  1. Specific sunscreen:

    Face recommend using a specific sunscreen, non – greasy and do not use the same as for the body , since its formulation is not suitable for these types of skin. And preferably, it is non – comedogenic, to avoid the appearance of imperfections. And dyes, because they may block the pore and promote them . In addition, the texture is important for us is pleasant to apply every day and we renew it every two hours when we are outdoors, we find it rather heavy on the skin or produce glare on the T – zone


  • This advice is important for all skin types, especially the summer months. It is very important to give back to the skin the nutrients it needs to be healthy and protected from the high level of cellular oxidation that is under these months by solar radiation. Therefore, we must consume raw fruits and to bring you vitamins and minerals essential for skin vegetables . And also, we can take any dietary supplement to provide us with the required daily amount of these essential nutrients and antioxidants to provide us promote the smooth operation and natural protection to our skin against oxidation.


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