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Versatile The Broccoli Broccoli Vegetables Good for eating is not difficult Broccoli Broccoli English Broccoli or scientific name Brassica oleracea var. Italica held in the family Cruciferae, which are native to the original in the process. Southern European countries, in Italy, and later was introduced into cultivation in the source plant Broccoli Broccoli most of us it is. Phetchabun province, Kanchanaburi and Bangkok

        From Broccoli Broccoli. There is a large canopy gauche. Stems and plump The flower is big Diameter 16 cm, as well as a dense bouquet of dark green. The appearance of the leaves are broad, dark green leaves with serrated edges gray, as usual, we will. Their favorite part is the flower and the trunk would be minor. But there are a lot of nutrients back into the trunk. So eating two portions The body will benefit cap.

The study found that, of the University of Illinois. Eating Broccoli Broccoli. The sprouts of broccoli is broccoli. When eaten with Sapling of Broccoli Broccoli helps fight cancer effectively increased almost two times! Because sprouts Broccoli Broccoli is not rolled enzyme Breakfast (Myrosinase) is higher than the Broccoli Broccoli grown. The Eating Broccoli Broccoli To get the maximum benefit will not be processed cooking time too long. It will not destroy the enzyme Rho and Breakfast Sulphorhodamine defenseman was.

Broccoli Broccoli is a vegetable that tastes sweet frame. It can be eaten fresh Or to bring a The menu was varied Broccoli Broccoli is also high in nutrients. It is rich in dietary fiber, beta-carotene, vitamin C and many other nutrients. The natural chemicals called sulfonamides RA Defense (Sulforaphane) and substances in dollars (indole), a substance that helps fight against cancer. And Eating Broccoli Broccoli 1/2 cup at least once a week, it will be very good for health.

        Buying Brock choline. Must be purchased with a tight-fitting dark green flowers. Chewy stems must be strong Do not buy Broccoli Broccoli with yellow flowers. The leaves wither The stem is stiff or too thick. Benefits of Broccoli Broccoli.

1. Antioxidants Enhance the body immunity
2. Nourish your skin. Add flexibility to skin Not to delay skin aging. Making it look younger all the time (selenium)
3. nourish and preserve sight. Prevent cataracts
4. help maintain strong bones and teeth. Prevent Osteoporosis Stories from Broccoli Broccoli is a vegetable that is high in calcium
5. To help prevent cancers such as breast cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer. Stomach Cancer And prostate cancer by
6 protects against free radicals that can damage cells and DNA damage that causes cancer
7. inhibits the growth of tumors
8. Help prevent heart disease
9. vegetables. cruciferous Is associated with a reduced risk of developing heart failure. And stroke (the Strokes)
10. Prevent Hypertension
11. help make the blood vessels more healthy
12. help prevent a serious lung disease. The research of Dr. Chee Amboy Business Valjean (College of Medicine John Hoffmann Boykin USA) found that in Broccoli Broccoli may help prevent the damage that leads to disease. serious lung Also known as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (Chronic Obsructive Pulmonary Disease or COPD) COPD is a disease often caused by smoking. Passenger Sulphorhodamine defenseman in Broccoli Broccoli helps encourage NRF2 gene in lung cells caused increased activity. Thereby preventing such cells from being destroyed by toxins in the group of smokers and patients with COPD term progress will be made with low NRF2 gene than another group. The gene that acts to open several mechanisms to detoxify carcinogens and toxins in the workplace. In order not to destroy the toxins cell lung
13. Help prevent diabetes
14. substances Sulphorhodamine defenseman can help prevent the destruction of the blood vessels caused by diabetes can help lower cholesterol
15. Help prevent al. Michael Palmer The research of the University of King’s College London, argues that only fruits, vegetables, 5 kinds only overseen the assembly that acts like a drug used to treat Alzheimer’s, including Broccoli Broccoli, orange, apple. radishes and potatoes Broccoli Broccoli is a vegetable that contains most of the
16 prevents disorders of newborns
17. help prevent scurvy due Broccoli Broccoli contains. vitamin C High
18. Broccoli Broccoli helps reduce the frequency of migraine down. Because the vegetables are high in magnesium
19. Sulfur compounds in Vorarlberg defenseman Brock Broccoli. The wizard makes the liver detoxify the body. Especially Broccoli Broccoli sprout only between 3
20. In excretion. Prevent constipation
21. Broccoli Broccoli contains Kerr Seth Tin (Quercetin), which improves the strength afforded good health for longer. It also helps prevent cancer, heart disease, asthma, allergies, too
22. Eating Broccoli Broccoli helps prevent and reduce the progression of bladder cancer. The cells tend to race fast. (Research Dr. Steven Schwartz of the University of Ohio State University-Columbus)
23. reduces the risk of developing rheumatoid
24. Brock Broccoli is high in folate. Which is critical for pregnant women in the first stage. Reduces the risk of cerebral palsy child’s placenta fungus.


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