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Food and Health

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Concept mapping learning.

Food and Health
     Food is vital for human life. The body will be taken to strengthen growth. Making organ of the body is functioning normally. Food by the food consists of 5 groups
     – food, Moo 1, including meat, eggs, milk, beans, various kinds of help to enhance the growth and repair of body parts that wear out
     – food, Moo 2, including rice, flour, sugar, potatoes which it helped create. energy and warmth to the body
     – food, including food crops, among which three different kinds of help strengthen. And helps the organ systems of the body work more efficiently. The digestive system
     – among the 4 diets include foods such as fruits, various kinds of benefits to the 3rd Squadron.
     – 5 food groups include foods from animal fat or vegetable. Help create energy and warmth to the body as well as among the two

     nutrients are chemicals that are present in foods are divided into six categories:

1. Protein (protein) are a source of meat.
The higher-quality protein from the plant is beneficial to the body’s growth and repair. Immunization Hormones and enzymes And the balance of acid and alkaline

2. carb (carbohydrate) has a lot of rice and sugar.
The fruit has a sweet taste and a sweet made from flour and sugar is beneficial to energy and warmth. Allowing proteins to function fully. Carbohydrates, the body will be accumulated for use if a lack of energy. It also helps burn fat and is a key factor in the liver to eliminate toxins through the blood to the liver.

3. lipid (fat) sources from plants and animals benefit from the energy to the body.
Carries vitamins A, D, E and K which are fat-soluble. And absorption of these vitamins in the digestive tract. It also helps prevent damage to the internal organs of the body

4. vitamins (vitamin) is a nutrient that is essential to the body.
Although not provide energy to the body Vitamins are divided into two major types of fat-soluble vitamins and water soluble vitamins are beneficial. Allowing the organs of the body to function normally. Helps maintain skin And enhance disease resistance

     5. Minerals (mineral) energy. But it is necessary for the growth and repair. Allows organs to function normally. Minerals are important include ferrous (iron) have a lot in animals, especially the liver. Dark green leafy vegetables, and iodine (iodine) found in seafood. Thyroid hormones help breast Xin Sai Na (sodium) in foods and food products that use salt. Water helps in tissue and blood vessels are balanced. It also allows the functioning of the digestive system of both the kidneys and the skin is normal and calcium (calcium) found in milk, cheese, shellfish, small fish and dark green leafy vegetables. As a component of bones and teeth Assist in the growth of the body. Prevent brittle bone disease And help control the heart and nervous system
     6. Water (water) is a nutrient essential to life. As a component of cell and tissue in the body helps in digestion and transporting food to the organs of the body, helps in the excretion of waste by coming out in urine, sweat and breath

that cause. on health are as follows:
     1. soft
     2. tea
     3. foods that are spicy
     4. dietary fat, saturated fat
     5. alcohol
     6. junk food (junk food) or find. Fast (fast food)

in the diet as prescribed nutrition and nutritional flag
     1. Eating 5 groups and persistent weight management
     2. Rice is the staple food to eat starchy foods, interspersed with some meals
     3. Eat vegetables. wooden fish, lean meat, eggs, and beans give it a
     4. drink milk according to age
     5. eat foods that contain fat, but passable. Avoid eating sweet and salty
     6. Clean Eating. Free from contamination
     7. Avoid or minimize alcohol.

The meal nutrition flags
     Nutrition flag to tell the type and amount of food a person should have been in Thailand for one day, children from 6 years old up to adults and seniors. Flag nutrition advice is broad that each day we should eat something. And eaten in quantity, It is not much, not too little. To promote good health

Nutrition with healthy
     nutrition (nutrition status) refers to as the physical expression of a person as a result of the diet.
Nutrition division has two characteristics are
     : 1. Good nutrition means eating the fruit of a person’s suitability
     2. Poor nutrition or malnutrition refers to the result of eating party. no suitable

     Nutritional assessment (assessment of nutrition status) means to assess the health status of individuals and communities who are affected by food intake and utilization of nutrients received.
Nutritional assessment divided four ways:
     1. Assessment of Nutritional Biochemistry (Of Biochemical Assessment to their nutritional Status)
     2. Assessment of nutritional medicine (Clinical Assessment Of to their nutritional Status)
     3. nutritional assessment and body proportions. (Anthropometric Assessmentof to their nutritional Status)
     4. Food Consumption Survey (dietary survey)

health problems as a consequence of poor nutrition problems.
     The body fat has accumulated to a large amount of excess demand. The overweight than the standard variety is disease
     – obesity
     – nutritional deficiency diseases
     – beriberi
     – scurvy
     – rickets
     – goiter
     – blindness

approach to weight control than the standard method.
     1) reduce fat, sugar and starchy foods,
     2) eat less at each meal. But must meet nutrition
     3) Do not eat between meals or snacks. And dining area for
     4) Avoid eating vegetables and fruits are sweet
     5) Drink water instead of soda and other sugary
     6) to the doctor for a checkup and advice on how to lose weight. Do not buy the pills orally own.

Testing and physical fitness.
     Physical fitness (physical fitness) is a person’s ability to engage in everyday activities fluently and also have backup power enough for a practical activity
     – physical health. (health-related physical fitness) refers to the capability of different systems in the body that help protect people from diseases caused by lack of exercise.
     – physical mechanism (motor fitness) or competency skills. (skill-related) refers to the ability of the body to allow a person to engage in physical activity. Especially the sport well.

Elements of the physical mechanism
     1. Agility (Agility)
     2. The balance (balance’s)
     3. Integration. (Ordination-co,)
     4. Muscle Power (Power)
     5. Response Time (Reaction Time)
     6. velocity (speed) means the ability to move from one place to another quickly

Keywords   food. protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, water, soy milk nutrition commandments flag nutrition assessment nutrition, obesity, malnutrition. Weight Control

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