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vitamin C Uses For Skin

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         Because vitamin C, lemons are very high. And antioxidants Including vitamins, minerals, fiber, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and protein  
        important in lemon juice also contains citric acid, malic acid, which when digested through the body. It was converted into a base that is beneficial to the body. Helps maintain pH balance in the body to normal.

          And if drinking juice at bedtime routine. The body will become stronger Overall health is improved Not easy to catch a cold And keeping bones strong, too          The beauty Lemon is helping well to help her belly easier by every day after waking up and before going to bed to drink lemon juice mixed with warm water 1 cup This helps stimulate the digestive system of the girls gave. work better The residue in the body is reduced. Contribute to weight more easily.          If you drink daily routine The body is strong, overall health is improved bone strength, not a cold. Blood is lost The acidic conditions are reduced. Sir renal Green Line to normal. Bad fats are reduced Good fats can be increased 

          Citrus fruits are acidic organic species such as citric acid, malic acid, vitamin C from lemon juice and essential oils of lemon with vitamin C and A, calcium and phosphorus than in the lemon juice. more
Come see the benefits of lemon juice in the recipe to make with each other. 
Formula lemonade diet
        – drink before bed every 2-4 months   * to see the results or not depends on several factors, because it is natural. May not see immediate results But at least it has health benefits Ingredients 1 lemon 1 2. brown sugar or honey 2 teaspoons (or to put it better) 3. late teaspoon salt 4 cups warm water or water temperature normal one. or 200 cc. 

 Dijon honey or brown sugar and salt in warm water until dissolved. (Do not add sugar or honey, it would be even better), leave for a moment that the water temperature is normally squeezed lemon juice 1 because heat destroys vitamin C in lemons. Then drink it or put ice time. Should drink 15-20 minutes before bedtime is the most appropriate time.

honey or brown sugar to make it sweet is good. And a sweet, healthy. Do not use white sugar The milled chemicals.

Formula lemonade detox the digestive comfort 
        for those cold, hard shot into the habit. Try to drink a glass of lemon juice mixed with warm water. (Lots of lemon juice mixed with warm water, 2 children, 1 1/2 cups) every night.
   Drink plenty of warm water that will help streamline the intestines. The acid in the lemon juice and fiber acts clearance residues in the gut when you wake up in the morning sore throat.


          Vitamin C and antioxidants in the lemon juice helps relieve inflammation in the throat. And for those who feel like they have a cold sore throat. Try lemon juice mixed with warm water and a glass of honey before bed. The vitamin C in lemons and anti-inflammatory compounds in honey helps cure a sore throat during sleep.


          Vitamin C is an important component of the immune system. So drinking lemon juice with vitamin C, helps stimulate the immune system as well. The vitamin C in aqueous solution with lime to catch germs in the bloodstream. And carried out on the body as urine. 

          The drinking lemon water before bed also add vitamin C in a timely manner. Because the immune system is fully functional when we sleep. So who are immune to boot itself when we sleep. Get enough vitamin C from lemon juice or supplements. I would like to invigorate the fight against bacteria and viruses are exponential 

make skin radiant.
Vitamin C and other antioxidants, can reduce wrinkles, acne, oily skin solutions. The skin glowing and soft water. And helps to kill certain bacteria that causes acne.

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