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Eyebrows Care

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Eyebrows are one of the elements of our face more personality confer upon us, so I have decided to make a post about this because, sometimes, we pay very little

This season we say  
“goodbye” to the hyper thin eyebrows or discolored like last season and “hello” to the macro eyebrows. And the not so thick but intense color. I’ll give you some tricks to get perfect eyebrows.

Hair removal

Although fashions come and go, and that at a given moment very thin eyebrows and then carried the contrary, common sense tells us that in the right environment is virtue. Eyebrows that frame the look in harmony with other facial features can make a difference. How to do it?

1. Harmony is no symmetry and think eyebrows should always look like sisters , but not twins, never distant cousins. 

2. What is important is the ratio, and whether yours are provided with the rest of the face, just you take a pencil and look three little things:

3.  Where the eyebrow should start: Hold the pencil vertically, resting on the nose (on one side) and take it to the inner corner of the eye. At that point it is where the eyebrow should begin.  

4.  Where should the eyebrow arch: starting from the previous position, tilts the pen with a leaning against the end edge of the nostril, until it forms straight half line end eye. This should be the highest point of the eyebrow.

Where should end the eyebrow tilts the pen with a leaning against the end edge of the nostril until it forms a straight line with the outer corner of the eye end. That should be the end of the eyebrow. 

We must also take into account the shape of the eyes and nose size for hair removal will be done in one way or another. If you have the separate eyes, point A (ie, where the eyebrow begins), you should be more “inward” in order to create an optical effect to “bring” eyes. If you have a wide nose , use the same trick to tune. If your eyebrow does not begin naturally at this point, you can use cream shadows or pencils to fill in the spaces less populated and completely redesign your eyebrow. I say this as:

6. When making up the eyebrows is important to choose a profiler to enhance and modify easily drawing the shape of the eyebrows, hair by hair in the direction of their births. Select a tone that is equal to or slightly lighter than the natural color of hair. 

7. You will be
more natural if you use a beveled brush for eyebrows and shade depending on the color of your eyebrows or dark as you want them . There are kits on the market with everything you need to maquillártelas, for example Benefit, Mac, Kiko. 

8. Do not use black pen to make up your eyebrows, or harden your features more than necessary. 

9. If your eyebrows are used to comb Rebel brush with some styling gel or clear mascara. 

10. If you wear your hair dyed, do not forget to pay due attention to the color of your eyebrows. The color does not have to be the same as your hair, if you wear a blond dye ensures that the color of your eyebrows is at least similar or two shades darker. Do not let too dark, if you dye redhead, also clarifies the tone of your eyebrows with the same tone you’ve colored your hair. To do this, there are several shades that I can recommend depending on your hair: for black hair, you’ll do well to ringworm eyebrows with a tinge of number 3 to 5, any of them will be fine, but if you use a lower one you will remain very dark and artificial. For brown hair, 6 or 7. For blonde, number 8, or 9 

As always I hope you serve these tricks and hope you have a wonderful week!

Until my next post! xxx

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