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First of all it is advisable  to have clean skin and it is not enough that you wash your face with water. You must clean your face with a soap or cleanser, eyes, with a specific product, and then applying a micellar water, tonic or cleanser oil. After cleaning the face, makeup ritual begins, and this is the order you should follow in the application of products:

1. Serum . For some years it has become one of the essential products for many women. It is not a substitute for moisturizer, is a supplement that acts at a deeper level than creams, reducing wrinkles and fine lines. Its use is recommended from 30 years and only have to apply four drops (one in front, one on the chin and one on each cheek).
2. Eye contour . The skin around the eyes is much more sensitive than the rest of the face. It is an area where wrinkles usually appear before, plus bags, dark circles, puffiness … Therefore it is advisable specifically to care for her after 25 years. Apply the eye contour with swipe your finger or ringfrom inside the eye to outside.
3. Moisturizer . The moisturizer is always important , but then go to makeup. Choose the best cream for your skin type, better if also includes photoprotection.
4. facial oil . It is the new beauty must for the season. And although usually applied at night, you can also apply for the day. Well after moisturizer or mixing a few drops (2-3 are sufficient) with moisturizing own . Its benefits are many: nourish, moisturize deeper, illuminate, repair … 
5. Prebase . Its use is not mandatory but know that the ‘primers’ or prebases help set your makeup and keep it longer , pores and wrinkles fade, light and the result is a splendid skin. 
6. concealer and imperfections . To erase any signs of tiredness on your face (dark circles, mainly) are the correctors. Also they help hide pimples, blotches and other imperfections on your face. To learn how to apply them properly you can read our manual final use of the corrector .
7. Base makeup . Using your fingers, with a suitable brush or sponge, extends the base for your face. Remember that now the trend in makeup is so natural, so choose the closest to your skin color tone .

(These two steps are sometimes exchanged, some makeup artists prefer to
first apply the foundation, then concealer, is in taste).

8. mattifying powders in the T zone . Apply loose powder only in areas where brightness usually appear : nose, chin or forehead, with a light touch.
9. Illuminator . It is one of the latest additions to makeup ritual. Its goal is to give the skin luminosity and that young, fresh and rested look, which is so fashionable. It applies in the exterior of the lacrimal and each temple, in the eyebrow arch, in the upper area of the cheeks, chin and nose base.

Once we had to face made up eyes

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