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Hydrated skin Treatment

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1 Hydrated skin . The secret of a perfect makeup passes undoubtedly a properly hydrated. Apply a moisturizer generously over face and neck and should work it well until completely absorbed. If you have lines or deep wrinkles not hesitate to use a specific product that will work the miracle to filling. After application, wait five minutes before your makeup.

Straightening fluid Rosehip, Weleda (€ 17.95).

Deep Wrinkle Filler Kiehl’s Double Power (39 €).

2 Tez flawless and matte
. Choose a foundation that blends with your skin. It is important to avoid glosses qualify it because they accentuate even the smallest defects. Bet light, soft and ultrafine textures and choose formulas also incorporate reflective pigments that add light to your face. To apply, you must highlight all that has -nariz relief, forehead, cheeks and chin and clearly define the contours of the mouth.

light base with natural effect Skin Illusion SPF 10, Clarins (33.75 €).

background Photo’Perfexion Light Fluid Foundation SPF 10 Givenchy (44 €).

3 A Photoshop retouching
. To lighten dark areas such as dark circles, nostrils, inner corner of the eyes and the corners of his lips, apply a precise technique. With the brush tip, gives little touches in these areas and correcting color melted using the fingertips. No need to extend the product to the cheekbone: thus avoid creating a too round effect.

Touche Eclat Brightening Concealer Yves Saint Laurent (34.10 €).

Illuminator Eclat D’Booster Skinflash brush from
Dior (35 €).

4 strokes well drawn.
The key is to structure and enhance the features according to your facial morphology. If you have a round face, apply a touch of rouge on the jaw to the base of the neck to tune it . In bony faces, it is best not to touch the cheek. Just add a little color in the heart of the cheek.

Terrybly rouge # 5 of By Terry (55 €).

tone blush Nars Sex Appeal (30.52 €).

5 large and wide eyes
. In real life, a natural look can be splendid. But in photo, it can be a bit empty. Therefore it is essential mark with pencil the lash, sheltered by a matte shade on a like taupe or gray halftone defining the look. And finally, lots of mascara.

Degrade Shadow Trio No. 31 in Taupe Mat Yves Rocher Fumé (17,30 €).

Eyeshadow in tone Une S23 Sfumato (13.12 €).

Mascara Lash Queen Fatal Black on black magnetic Helena Rubinstein (32.75 €).

6 A touch of color on the lips
. You must define the contour of the mouth. Do it with a pencil natural color and fill in the lip with a soft tone. Of course, if you’re going out at night, you can afford a color too … Long live the classic red! Begins to make up your lips from the center and outwards. Overflowing a little Cupid’s bow mouth to round. In the photo, that effect will have a slightly smoother and rejuvenated mouth. And very, very sexy.

Lipstick L’Absolute Nu tone at No. 102 of Lancôme (29 €).

Pure Color Crystal Lipstick in Wild Orchid Estee Lauder (26.50 €).

7 emphasizes the brow line
. For the photo, s eyebrows should be more marked than in real life. In fact, it is very common for television makeup artists focus on eyebrows when they have to make a quick touch. Begins brush them carefully and keep your drawing with pencil giving subtle hints in the same tone.

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