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1. Do not give up your own personality . Often we fall into the mistake of wanting to go to the last without thinking if that garment or color are suitable for us. In addition, wear a garment with which you do not feel comfortable can Crearte insecurity. Above trends, be yourself! 

2. Show yourself from your body safely . Maintain good personal hygiene and control sweating is an essential aspect. Given that our body tends to sweat more in moments of maximum tension, it is important to ensure a good deodorant protection. 

3. Find the average . avoid too strong perfumes. Opt for soft fragrances that simply smell clean.

4. Luce impeccable hair . Proper hydration is key. 

5. Put always good face . The freshness of youth is achieved based on the interplay between rouge and blush. With rouge (earthy tones) we define and emphasize our femininity and goes upline from the nostril to the upper end of the ear. However, the blush is pink and is situated only on the part of the cheekbone that rises more when we smile. It helps to rejuvenate our appearance and gives us a touch of eternal ‘Lolitas’. 

6. Add a touch of mystery to your look . Do not forget the curler and mascara if you want to add sophistication to your look.

7. Choose a lipstick for every occasion . In a job interview I choose soft tones or matte, while the living are ideal for playful moments. 

8. Avoid glare . A good retouch flowables prevent sweat or unkempt look like the passing hours. 

9. Light up your face . Illuminators stands with areas of the face that most beautify you. 

10. Remember to dress: less is more . Garments straight cuts and simple lines are a safe bet in virtually any situation.

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