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1. The recommended for daily shower time should not exceed ten minutes ; beyond that, the skin suffers a greater loss of whispy protection. 

2. The water should be warm , as close to body temperature as possible. The hotter, more protective barrier eliminated, damaging the natural defenses of the skin. 

3.  The showers in the morning are ideal to start the day with energy and vitality. Instead they relax at night and even promote relaxation and sleep. Take a shower as most need each day.

4. The hot water produces a sedative effect and relieves tension while cold water is stimulating and serves to eliminate the physical and mental fatigue. The contrast of the two is perfect , so the ideal start with a warm shower temperature going down gradually until it is cold at the end (you favor blood circulation). 

5.  Use hypoallergenic and gentle products thatnot aggressive to the skin. Ideallyuse lipid oleo-gels acting on the epidermis cleansing and strengthening the skin barrier is lost when showering.

6. Use a specific gel for the face and other body, each zone has distitntas needs. Do not forget that the skin of our face is much more sensitive. 

7.  Lather by hand or using a soft sponge (prevents excessive exfoliation, especially if you have sensitive skin).   Take the opportunity to massage your body and relax for a few minutes.

8.  Listen to your favorite music while you shower. Decorate the bathroom with some scented candle or some other detail that you like, you have to be your moment of enjoyment and disconnection. 

9. Wipe gently, without rubbing too much. To do this, it uses a towel or terry bathrobe, and better absorb water. 

10. The perfect shower always ends in a good hydration. If you do not have time for body cream or you are too lazy, Hydrate quickly while bathing. It is possible by Eucerin in the shower , which facilitates the daily care of the skin (especially the most sensitive) to keep it moisturized and protected. It is applied on wet skin, directly into the shower, and after rinsing are ready to get dressed because it is not sticky. It forms a protective film and reinforces the skin regeneration. 

Turn your shower into a beauty routine and relax while you take care and protect your skin! You’ll notice the difference.

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