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Healthy Tips For Skin Care

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A healthy balanced diet is essential for a healthy life. It is true that you are what you eat and that is if we take care of our food good inside and that will be reflected out : better skin and hair, more energy, better digestion and will diminish swelling and possible discomfort.

A healthy diet is high in vegetables, fruit, fiber and low in saturated fat, salt and sugar. In addition, portions must be controlled. Remember, everything we eat has calories less water.

I recommend your menus vary each day with different foods so that a complement what others lack. There are foods that we take every day or almost every day c omo can be cereals, fruits and vegetables, meat and fish, vegetables, milk and dairy products. And other foods like cookies, cakes, pastries, chocolates and jams should be taken only sporadically.

Ideally dinner two hours before going to sleep to not lie down by digestion. Also notes these ‘healthy tips’ to feel much better:

– Limit consumption of red meats (you can eat them once or twice per week maximum) and always prefer white or lean meats such as turkey fillets.

– You must eliminate refined sugar and salt intake down your eating routine. White sugar is purely chemical. You can substitute for sugar brown sugar, agave syrup or stevia leaves sweetening equal and are purely natural and healthy.

Do not drink and light refreshments products : are not healthier. Have fewer calories, yes, but they are made with sweeteners and unnatural and difficult to digest chemicals.

– It is very important that you eat fruit, vegetables and cereals. Especially in breakfasts and lunches.

Put these tips feed that I recommend and share your experiences through the hashtag into practice #PeeptoesxMujerhoy . The three most interactuéis can win a ‘healthy experience’ with me!



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