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Obesity, overweight and sedentary life, having a family history and pregnancy favor the development of varicose veins. They are not only unsightly, they can also cause great discomfort. We give some guidelines that reduce the possibility of such problems. 


Walk on tiptoe and then on your heels (you can switch both movements).

– If you spend many hours sitting, do not forget to stretch and shrink the legs ankles turning on its axis to promote blood circulation.

Movement Pedaling : Lie on the floor, legs bending them raises and making movements like you’re pedaling. 

Lift legs: Starting from the previous position supports the legs on the wall or a chair to stay 

Scissors : flat on a mat lift your legs and making movements of scissors crossing his legs. 

Lift your legs and lower them slowly.


– End the shower with cold water. 

– Avoid high temperatures.

– Use proper footwear: avoid both the plane hunted like high heels.

– Put your feet up when sitting on a couch and go to sleep.

– Healthy diet to prevent overweight. 

– Apply massage legs and ankles with some cream to treat varicose veins.

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