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This week we will not speak of the colors that are going to take or fall trends. What I am about to describe are little tricks to hide minor flaws . We use makeup artists, even with models or celebrities that you look more perfect. Nobody is! But with a few tricks, we can get almost to be. You sign up? 

Plush lips

Gets a lip balm colorless gloss, and applied to the skin just above the Cupid’s bow – the area under the nose and between the peaks of the lip superior.Si some light applied to that area creates the illusion of larger lips. Then apply a moisturizing lipstick. moisturizing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, unite and make your lips look thicker. Make sure you have a high-gloss finish, matte versions do not reflect light. End with a touch of brightness in the center of the lower lip, one in the center.

Porcelain skin

With the help of a brush Apply concealer to any redness or defect, making short, quick movements, a brush Why?
Sharpening bristles can get into the cracks of a better stain your fingers can. Make sure your concealer is creamy and the same or lighter than your skin tone.

Pronounced cheekbones

to make the round cheeks look more marked, you’ll need a clear powder bronzer to highlight and mark, plus two shades darker than your skin tone.
Opposite the mirror, make a fish face and bronzing powder deposited in the voids of your cheeks. Smiles and placed after a brush with blusher on the apples of your cheeks toward the temples. To score more contours and define, just below the cheekbones used ones, which can be loose powders clear and create volumes.

Eyebrows uniforms

If you tried to
fill a scar on his eyebrow without much luck, is because the skin of a scar is smoother and has fewer pores, so pencils and fine powders simply do not adhere. Use a pencil with dyed or creamier waxes are a better choice-sticking. Choose a shade that matches the color of your eyebrows, short, light beam in the direction of hair growth movements.

Front smaller

Bangs make their foreheads seem smaller, but if you prefer not to
cut your bangs will use a matte bronzer (the brightness will highlight the size of the area) and a large powder brush. Bronzer creates a shadow, helping smaller area seems too large. With a broad brush applying powder along the hairline from temple to temple and just below these to the eyebrows will make the visual effect of narrowing the forehead.

Thinner nose

Reduce a large or wide nose, done in two steps: Apply the base of usual makeup nose, then with a darker than the base beam a line on each side of the nose bone corrector.
The interleaved paler color between the skin will make the nose appear thinner within segundos.Termínalo with translucent powder so that the mixture does not move.

As always I hope these tricks are of your help. To be continue…. until my next post! xxx

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