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Good Hygiene For Health

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Hygiene of children can become a routine event that we do not pay much attention beyond the first few months, when the small bathroom is one of the most emotional and beautiful moments of the day. However, it is important to pay attention to detail and thus achieve also convey to children naturally relevance having a good hygiene for health. 

In this regard, Hospitals NISA Pardo de Aravaca has created a guide for parents with tips on hygiene smaller house structured into eight blocks.

1. Shower: The main recommendation is to pay attention to the skin of children and the incidence of atopic skin in children is increasing. Thus, the daily shower with soap promotes perspiration from the skin and prevents infection risks. In any case, the pediatrician can make other recommendations as showers every other day if appropriate.

2. Eyes: Children should learn not to touch your eyes with dirty hands. Ophthalmological must be periodic reviews.  

3. Nose: Although snot occur as a lubricant and filter the air has eliminated their excess whenever necessary with a soft tissue. In addition, we must wash their hands before and after wiping the nose and the child also learns to do and adopt this habit. 

4. Ears: Two issues are paramount in hygiene ears and ears. On one hand, not to forget them in the shower so you have to remind children to wash them . Moreover, dry them carefully unused swabs. 

5. The mouth: Brush your teeth after every meal is the best advice that can be put into practice and, of course, do not forget to also wash the tongue in the process. Of course, in each case must   use the toothbrush and toothpaste suitable teeth. From the age of six they can also be used mouthwashes with fluoride. It is best to teach children to follow a particular order in washing teeth, always starting with the same side of the mouth. 

6. Hands and nails: Hands children’s face, eyes and food to touch their mouths. Why it is so important to teach them to wash them regularly and prevent many diseases. You also need to check your nails and keep them as clean as possible. 

7. The navel: While the navel does not need any special care, it is essential to keep it clean and dry thoroughly after each shower. 

8. intimate hygiene: Before any irritation, pimples or pain must consult your doctor. In any case, children should learn to wash their hands before and after going to the bathroom with soap and water and you have to take good care to remove all traces of toilet paper. 

Following all these tips the risk of contracting diseases or skin irritations are considerably reduced.


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