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After the excesses of Christmas, all those kilos Middlesbrough goodbye and promise to lead a healthier life, eating healthy and exercising. Durantel January, increase enrollment in gyms. However, this enthusiasm evaporates quickly and the purpose of exercising leave it until next year.

Takes note of the Decalogue to not fail in your desire:

1- Find activities you like: Zumba, pilates, crossfit, running … in gyms and out of them there is a wide range of activities, join that really motivate you. Dare to try new things! 

2- Do not try to become a professional : It starts slowly change your lifestyle. Do not try to be an elite athlete just start, remember that the body needs time to adapt.

3- Patience, the results here soon: slow to be but if you began working as well as awareness in two months to notice changes in your body.

Accompany 4- exercise with healthy eating: Do not eat less than you need. You should offset the caloric expenditure with a balanced nutriicón eating everything. Adelgar a strict diet can cause you serious health problems.

5- overcomes obstacles and meets a challenge: do not get stuck in a rut. Gradually increase the intensity and time in the exercises. When you already take a while, we recommend you to a race notes. Once through, you will see your progress and want to take on a new challenge.

6- Looking good company: Having a partner will push you to meet, whether you jog like going to the gym. It is the best external encouragement in moments of weakness.

7- Pay attention to your body’s reaction: It is essential to reduce or change exercise. It will also help to avoid possible injury.

8- Do not be a slave of training: If this point fails, you will fail for sure. You should not practice ejercico to shape your body, physical activity should make you feel good and happy. If not, you will end up overwhelmed and you’ll end up taunting discouragement.

9- It is always better with music: Create a list of songs that encourage you and carry them on your mobile, mp3 or ipod. These melodies make shorter and entertaining training.

10- Rest: Get enough sleep and not sobreentrenes.

Rest is necessary for your body to recover from the stress that has been submitted.

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