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The correct position to sit still is, according to  Juan Ruiz López, an expert in personal training ; about our sitting bones (lower part of the pelvis). Once located ( by sitting on the palms easily grope) and supported, we swiveled hip forward, forcing thereby maintain the natural curvature of the back both lumbar and cervical. Finally, the shoulders should be relaxed and the view should be placed slightly above the computer screen. 

However, as explained personal trainer, it is difficult to maintain this fixed position like a statue were, so recommended to follow this Decalogue of advice that help prevent or relieve discomfort:  

1. Recognize the problem. The first step to improve the health of your back should be to perform a scan with a specialist to determine exactly what the problem is treated.  

2. Adjust your weight. An important point is that if your weight is above what is considered the most suitable for your characteristics, further increase the strain on your back.  

3. Arise every 30 minutes. Do not spend more than an hour sitting without moving your body. For example, if you’re in the office, you can take advantage of telephone calls to lift walking.

4. Draw your stomach . When we sit the muscles responsible for postural control tends to deactivate falling further strain on spinal discs back. Thus, contrary to what many think, the pressure exerted plenty back when sitting is greater than standing.

5. Adjust the seat position so you can let it rest your hands on the mouse and keyboard to release tension in the shoulders.  

6. In your day to day changes your purse or gym bag shoulder as often as you possible. When a carrier bag is usually raised and shoulder forward slightly, which ends up creating imbalances in the column if this position is maintained for long periods.  

7. Avoid be looking mobile recurrently. According to a recent study, the pressure on your neck can increase by up to 27 Kg to flex the neck to write WhatsApp or visit social networks with mobile.

8. Practice exercises chest and shoulder mobility, because they reduce pressure on your neck area. Also useful they are those that help strengthen the abdominal muscles, such as bridges (either lateral or upside down).  

9. Make the paraspinal muscle massage with a tennis ball or a foam roller . Place the ball on your back, near your spine and roll the ball on it. If the pressure is too places the ball on the wall and controls the pressure to be exerted. The ball should never have contact with bony areas, either column, ribs or shoulder blade. In some cases it is advisable to periodically visit a physiotherapist.

10. Periodically change the position of your mattress . When being subjected to the force of our body weight, the mattress will gradually deformed. Changes the position thereof every two or three months by first placing the part of the head to the feet. As time passes, give the back and finally put back part of the head to the feet.

Why us back hurts? 

Studies indicate Dr. Stuart McGill to be 20 minutes in a permanent bending position (sitting) a deformation of the soft tissue over 40 minutes ago necessary to reverse the damage that position occurs. This deformation of tissue, as revealed by coach Juan Ruiz, leads to dysfunction in the muscles involved, making them less efficient and shortens your range of motion reducing mobility and strength. In addition, as explained by the expert Juan Ruiz, they cause chronic pain in the affected areas can lead to headaches and specific disorders if damage occurs in the neck.

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