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5 keys to your beauty ritual in winter

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It is approaching that time of year filled with gifts, smiles, lights and, of course, those expected encounters with family, friends and coworkers. Although the agenda squeeze us and tell us that many more than desirable, no doubt we love this time. No self-respecting December that it is not accompanied by these intimate events where it is very important to control these excesses and eating too many drinks, not forgetting to follow a good beauty routine.

In addition, Christmas, as you know, is accompanied by lower temperatures, with the risk that entails for our skin dryness.
This requires us to pay special attention to the cold winter to prevent dehydration exacerbated it produces.

So, to make our skin glow, and not like a Christmas tree, here you attach a routine focused on our skin shine healthy in such singular dates:

First of
all, we hope that you protect very well the cold and you get a optimal hydration so you can look healthy and cared skin.

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