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5 makeup tricks to look younger

In Hair Care Tips

I think I’ve said a
thousand times that
makeup is a great ally to make younger, we appear

or the perfect enemy for us
to look the opposite. Here are some of my favorite tips. My favorite is

mark the lash line with black or brown pencil, and then stumping with fingers to give

depth to the look.
The goal is to not look too sharp, because when we started to meet

we have to use little tricks!

1. Open your eyes: Kate Winslet

For a look bolder and without making a ‘smoked eyes’ , it is necessary to delineate the tabs

If you have the area of dark circles, making a line under the lower lashes

will hide that area, but it is easier with the
help of an illuminator.
Do not be afraid of

metallic shadows
, if ye use warm colors like peach, pink or gold, make warmer your

Prohibited silvers and all gray tones as they are fatal for dark areas.

2. Without fear of brightness: Milla Jovovich

Most people do not realize that a touch of highlighter on the cheeks and refreshes for

both rejuvenates.
It enlightens and put the point of care there soft and delicate form of

For this I advise the colors peaches, like L’Oreal Paris Magic Lumi highliter.
Remember that if too white or too much gold will seem like a patch. If you have dark skin choose a shade

more bronze, like Nars South Beach. 

3. Fill in eyebrows: Anna Paquin

Our hair begins to become thinner with age, so a bushy eyebrows are a sign of

. To fill eyebrows choose a shade of intermediate powder with respect to the color of your skin and your eyebrows. With the help of a brush gently fills slowly. Never rediseñes the eyebrow shadow,  and if you do it with a pencil the same shade. 

4. Bronzing: Jessica Lange 

Another great trick is to make the color of the skin is warmer with bronzer. Apply on the forehead, nose, cheeks and to give an extra cheekbone to sculpt more. They are easier to use

powdered formulas with or without brightness (I prefer a touch of brightness).
To continue makeup,
brown used to delineate the upper lashes, better than black, and a touch – tone lip

apricot or peach.

5. Rosado: Jane Levy

Lip color can make us look younger. The  tone

pink will make your skin look fresher
unless your skin is really red. Roses, red roses or default colors give a livelier feel. I love Chanel Cambon, you will not need


Happy week!
Until the next post! xxx

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