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5 simple tips to prevent constipation

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Stress, physical inactivity and, as a result of both the constipation , are pathologies increasingly present in our society, because what makes it more vulnerable to our body against digestive diseases that could be avoided only by applying small healthy routines . With these 5 simple guidelines, you can prevent it and avoid it

1. Relaxation techniques: a small massage in the abdomen or feet we can soothe any aches and stimulate the nervous system. Control our abdominal breathing and focus on it for 10 minutes a day, leaving aside all worries, we will release and help us enter a state of calm. In addition, we must give a minimum of half an hour to eat and then giving us a few minutes of quiet, since good digestion will also help the mental balance.

2. Make sport:
of course, physical exercise at least three times a week will improve our intestinal transitand also it will help us release tension. Walking, running, swimming or cycling can help fight constipation sedentary lifestyle . Also, exercises that work the abdominal area are also recommended because they help lessen the discomfort caused by constipation.

3. Improve your diet and your eating habits: Start the day with a full breakfast that contribution – based fiber rich wheat bran cereals and fruits; protein through the egg, ham, low – fat cheese or yogurt; plenty of liquids such as milk, water and juices.

At lunchtime, bet on salads, vegetables and legumes first, complete the menu with fish or grilled meat or boiled or an omelette, but always with a vegetable side dish and fruit for dessert.
Dinner, finally, it should be light and be done early, no later than 9 pm, to give us time to digest before going to sleep, and spend enough time until morning to be hungry and do not skip breakfast. In addition, it replaces the buns or sandwiches ‘within hours’ for fruits such as plums, citrus, raisins, figs, bananas and watermelon; and coffee or tea infusions that will help us hydrate our body.

4. natural supplements :  enter your daily routine intestinal regulatory compounds by natural products such as tablets Fuca Aloe containing Aloe Ferox , that among other properties, contributes to improve the rate of intestinal transit; or chamomile, which improve digestion.

5. Eliminate these harmful habits that you should never have: replacing carbonated beverages for at least 2L. of water a day to help you hydrate the body; reduces the consumption of alcohol, sweets, animal fats and ready meals, and quit. Your whole body will thank you .

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