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5 tips and 10 ideas for the latest purchases of Reyes

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Forgot to include a gift in the letter to the Magi? Nothing happens, today many large stores and shopping centers will remain open until midnight , so you still have a few hours.

The problem is that the rush is not good at the time of purchase, so to hit follow these tips:

1. Take the time of the Three Kings to make your last purchase. Today the stores are jammed but certainly if you go out of the ride will find fewer people.

2. Some stores have already placed rebates and other discounts offered . Aprovéchalas to save a few euros. 

3. Be practical . After the excesses of Christmas and the view rebates, practical gifts are better option than those that may surprise but ultimately serve only to occupy space in the closet. 

4. Always think of the person to whom going to give: empathy is needed to succeed with your gifts. 

5. And do not forget to include the gift ticket … just in case. 


And what can you buy just a few hours of the kings? Sure some of these 10 proposals is perfect:


1. A chest beauty: makeup, lipstick, nail polish, eye shadow. What woman does not like herself beautiful? Here you have 12

2. A perfume . Here is a list of 20 fragrances perfect for gifts this year. 

3. A gift card . Many fashion chains already have them. It is an option that sure you hit. 

4. A complement . For example maxicollares both carried. Check out these .

5. Technology . For men and women, here are 15 proposals .  

6. A jewel is forever. Look at these 20 proposals, sure some will fit. 

7. For the most ‘fashionistas’ here are 20 ideas

8. A pack of experiences : stays in cottages, romantic dinners, spas, etc. 

9. A semi – annual beauty box Guapabox subscription also comes with gifts. 

10. A solidarity gift . Here are some .


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