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5 tips for skin care during menopause

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The menopause is defined as the permanent cessation of menstruation and has direct physiological effects on the body of the woman, as it involves the stopping of estrogen secretion by follicular function loss .

It usually occurs
between 45 and 55 years in 65-70% of women before age 45 by 25%, and after 55 years in 5-10%. During menopause over 87% of women find that their skin is changing and 54% feel insecure regarding their appearance .

the skin from age 50 shown drier, decreasing their thickness and begins to lose smoothness to increase its sagging . Fine lines and wrinkles make their appearance and lesions are detected by changes in pigmentation (blemishes). Additionally, vasodilation manifested and the skin has difficulty in healing process. Following the process investment vascular, tissue receives less water and nutrients.

We propose
5 simple tips to protect your skin in this time of change :

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