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5 tips to go from the crib to the bed

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It may seem very simple, however, change the crib to bed is a major change for the baby to see a profound change in the security space. For the small, the cradle is a known place where you feel good, so you can reject the change to bed, that although does not have a recommended exact age, usually performed between 18 months and three years . In this regard, it is important to note the small to ensure that it is effectively emotionally ready for change, if not, the decision may be delayed until that moment (that come). 

Anyway, small tend not to give too many problems because for them it is also a challenge that makes them ‘big boys’. So, there are three reasons that often precipitate out baby crib: 

The arrival of a new baby: In this case it is essential to prevent displaced feel to not be jealous, who after all are the symptom of insecurity.

Size and Power : If small are very large or very active and try all the time to jump from the crib can create security problems. 

Pipi alone: When the child has ceased to be peeing and learn to go to the toilet, do not get out of the cradle is an impediment. 

So, whatever the reason or the timing, you can follow a
few simple tips to improve the transition: 

1. Put the bed in the same place that was the cradle

2. Place your blanket on the bed or crib toy sleeping (or both) to be its referent sleep. 

3. Keep sleep routines carried so far from lying at the same time always, if any, after brushing your teeth or your usual reading story. 

4. Place a barrier on the bed to make you feel safe and secure despite the change.

5. We make a party: the first day change can be prepared as an event, giving all a ceremonial air to convert the transition from crib to bed a baby transition also a ‘big boy’. 

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