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5 tips to have perfect skin on Valentine’s Day

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Especially now with the arrival of February and  Valentine ; day l @ s @ s enamorad. It is a day that we certainly want to be radiant and, among other things, have perfect skin. So whether you celebrate it as if you do not, this entry you may find interesting as these tips are ideal to revitalize and restore skin health and radiance . Sure this year you want to see you guap @ sy healthier See yourselves, inside and out. Any reason is good if we generated positive momentum to implement good routines in skin care!

Not all follow the same routine when it comes to looking after skin: some are more complete than others and not all skins need the same treatment. So within these 5 Key and essential tips for perfect skin  stress make the importance of adapting to the needs of each and get the most benefits for our skin p ara so, 5 common advice for all skin types, os they can be useful in a personalized manner:


  • Exfoliation:

When we talk about exfoliate, means that apply a cosmetic that remove the surface layer of dead cells and need not be known with exfoliates classics granule, called scrub . These may be, for skins to nonirritating, thicker, or the dilated pore skins. But there are also other assets that can be found in different treatments such as glycolic acid, to do this without using granule and also be very effective. We can find in different formulations; gels, lotions, creams, serums, etc …

Therefore, exfoliation will promote this cell renewal and help eliminate marks, imperfections, blemishes and attenuate allow better diffusion of the active principles that apply below. We must choose one or the other (or in some cases even combine) depending on your skin type. And if you have doubts, it is always preferable to seek professional advice, not irritate or damage your skin.

And in the morning, it is essential to apply a sunscreen, especially while we are using alpha hydroxy acids (like glycolic we have discussed). These will see them in the council No. 5.


  • moisturizing mask:

    The cold also dehydrate our skin and this gives you a rough and dull appearance. So if we want to get flawless skin at this time of year is very important to help maintain the integrity of the skin barrier, apply a mask that moisturizes the skin in depth on all skin types, not only in dry  well in oily skin. As I had said, each council will adapt to your skin type and so the difference is in selecting the right for us.

If you have dry skin you can select a more enriched moisturizing mask, also provide nutrition to the skin and can also leave it longer, even some all night.

However, if you have a mixed-oily skin, we can also apply the leave act less time, about 15 minutes. And in these cases, select one that is only moisturizing and non-comedogenic to prevent can cause flaws, and will remove with water or specific tonic.


  • Repair Serum and Moisturizing

    The base of any metabolism is water and so does our skin so, a weekly mask is an extra excellent contribution but  should moisturize from the inside daily . For this , the  Regenerating Serum with Photolyase of Ladival  is ideal because it has a triple role: It is moisturizing and soothing thanks to panthenol, antioxidant action of vitamin E and also repairs damage DNA due to solar UV radiation because It contains photolyase . So it is also protecting the health of our skin and preventing photoaging. As this is a light and refreshing gel is suitable for all skin types, women and men , because it contains no perfumes, no parabens, no dyes and then allows us to apply our usual treatment.


  • Choose your daily treatment

    Another fundamental advice that we should always keep in mind if we have a perfect and beautiful skin is to apply a daily treatment that meets the needs of our skin. We must identify what is the sign that we are most concerned and selecting a treatment (moisturizer and / or antiaging) that are specific to our skin; in texture, assets, etc … We need to know if it is for dry or combination skin and if it is a cosmetic suitable for skin blotchy, can be applied only at night, if for skin with loss of firmness or specific for skin deep wrinkles … And we must not select depending on whether skin for 20, 30 or 40. If you have doubts consultadlo in our pharmacies or your person trusted expert.


  • Solar protection

    To have a perfect skin is essential  to protect the skin from the sun every day  depending on the activity you do outdoors and especially if you are using some type of exfoliant based alfahidroxiácdios, as we mentioned in the first tip, or performing during the winter months some depigmentation treatment. In that case, they are ideal the anti-stain fluids with Deléntigo and SPF30 or SPF50 + of Ladival , depending on skin type, treatment and time to go to be exposed to UV radiation available also colored or colorless according to your preferences.

Also, if you seek a makeup that protects from the sun, let the beautiful skin is light and non – comedogenic I recommend the Compacts mineral oil-free SPF50 + of Ladival , a sure regulators for even the most sensitive and very easy to apply skins. I bring that perfect skin finish if you want to correct any imperfections.

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