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5 tips to treat the first wrinkles

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The first dreaded wrinkles appear almost without asking. Suddenly you will find them on your face and no one will be presented. But there is apathy in that situation, but we must mitigate the effects that time on our skin and adjust our daily routine for keeping a bright, healthy skin.

We know that aging is irretrievably linked to
age . As time passes, our body begins to decrease the production of staple fibers in the support of the extracellular matrix and makes less collagen and elastin, two basic proteins providing firmness and elasticity to the skin. This decrease in production is mediated by genetic inheritance of each individual and is decisive in the appearance of these early signs of aging , but also worth noting that a healthy lifestyle are very important for good skin resistance effect of time.

It is important to
note the action
prevention , at this point. We advise, therefore, start a routine facial care to help prevent the appearance of new wrinkles and improve the appearance of which are already installed. To do this, you must purchase a healthy lifestyle and adopt a facial treatment to care and respect the skin. Treatments usually contain moisturizers and antioxidants with retinol and enriched products agents hyaluronic acid , which are highly active anti – wrinkle ingredients.

We offer five tips to address those first wrinkles:

A good
facial cleansing daily offers great benefits in the short and long term. With the emergence of grooves fomented by the expression and the effect of time, make a good elimination of these harmful substances provides our highest stratum corneum and better weather resistance.

Proper hydration delay the deleterious effects of aging and help prevent the appearance of wrinkles.
Make adequate hydration by applying an emollient predominant type adapted to your skin at least twice a day is essential. Above all we must give importance to the
night -time use , since it will foster deep nutrition and help cell regeneration.

It is essential to protect the
changes of temperature, humidity, pollution and, of course, the ultraviolet rays . The solar radiation is an independent factor that causes skin lesions oceangoing and also produces increased desquamation and decreases the survival of the outermost skin cells, resulting in alterations in corneal life cycle.

Stress can negatively influence our life style, and also in our face, and cause involvement in
lines more pronounced wrinkles that can become when that area lose elasticity. Perform facial massages frequently helps vascular reactivation and relaxation of multiple muscle bellies that make up the facial anatomical map.

We must pay special attention to the
eye area , which is precisely where the expression often leads to the appearance of new wrinkles. Provide intense hydration properly choosing specialized nutrients to that area is essential to mitigate these effects.

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