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6 Best Kept Chinese Beauty Secrets That You Can Follow

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Chinese women are beautiful with their flawless porcelain skin, the structure of the thin body and luscious locks. They have so many rituals and remedies that are an integral part of their daily lives to achieve what they are so well known for!

For skin rejuvenation, Chinese women use pearl powder .they prepare a face mask for glowing skin

oyster shell powder may not be easily available in India.
You can opt for beaded masks by the essence of VLCC and nature to achieve the same benefits

Chinese people drink a lot of green tea

It is extremely important to soak the green tea.
Pour hot water over the tea and steep for 2-3 minutes. Enjoy your health infusion. You can add honey and lime to make it more acceptable.

Chinese women are known for their flawless and luminous skin.
To achieve that youthful glow using a paste of herbs.

Use a paste of mint leaves and apply on your face to brighten the complexion instantly.

Chinese women use rice water to tone the skin and improve complexion.

Chinese beauties skin soft, smooth and supple.
They make egg white masks to keep the skin of the face shiny and tight. Egg whites are astringent that leads to firmer skin.

Chinese women believe strongly in giving their body parts a good massage to promote blood circulation.
Facial massages are very popular in Chinese culture to reduce puffiness and promote cell regeneration.

You can use the following steps as a guide

to remove bags under the eyes using a roller (Olay) or use your fingers .The ring under the eyes is very delicate.
Pulling and stretching will lead to more wrinkles. Also massage should be performed after 15 days to get the maximum benefits

All these tips will make you look like an ageless diva.

There are a few things to remember before embarking on a beauty regimen based on these tips

Now you know the secrets, make a part of your new beauty regimen.

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