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6 Tips and benefits of being in shape during pregnancy

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Hello friends s! How was your weekend’? I’ve been fired from the film I’ve been shooting during last month ‘The night my mother killed my father’ , so it’s been a weekend of many emotions .

As I imagine you will know most, and those who do not and you join now, I tell you that I am happily pregnant four months . So, as an important part of this blog is dedicated to the sport, today I want to talk about sport for pregnant , and guidelines Training Kids or have taken so far. Along with the opinion of a professional, a great friend and also father of a princess, César Esquivel .

The exercise is very desirable and beneficial during pregnancy , makes it more bearable and reduces pain. But not only for us, also for our baby . Physical exercise develops an increase in circulation , therefore we will have more oxygen both us and the baby.

We must take note: being pregnant is a state and not a limitation. In fact, after three months when I was asleep at the corners, now I have more energy than ever .

During these four months my ‘workouts’ to maintain shape, have mainly been walking, yoga and stretching. Day road about 3 or 4 hours and days for the shooting of the film has not been possible what halved. Combining with the practice of yoga and long sessions of ‘stretching’  in the hotel room.

It is proven to be fit before and during pregnancy greatly facilitates recovery postpartum. So you know girls, if you think quedaros pregnant, do not expect to be pregnant to exercise. Put yourself in tune before not too suffer later in recovery.

Of course a quick recovery also depends on the weight you gain during pregnancy. I must admit that this is the point that is most costing me , I have sooooo hungry! LOL

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It is important to remind ourselves that we are not sick and can continue with our exercise routine , that if given some guidelines:

1. NO must be jobs or high – impact jobs requiring heavy loads muscle.

2. Of course avoid high – risk sports (riding, skiing, water sports like windsurfing or kitesurfing …).

3. Do not exceed the 140-150 beats per minute.

4. Eat and drink properly before and after. 

5. Avoid the high temperatures and high intensities .

6. Exercise regularly between 3 and 5 times a week , depending on the physical condition.

What do you think César Esquivel  (Personal trainer, triathlete and father)?

“When you’re coach and athlete and your hopes and dreams are shared generate links more strongly intertwined relationship . In my case, since my wife and I found out that we were going to be parents , we knew that our lives continue together, but not only feel that great joy, your emotions are shared, as a little person coming.

On the other hand, mentally you do the math and numbers do not lie. Hours less than ‘training’ preparation time for the competitions is reduced because it is shared with countless exciting moments to contemplate the growth of your child. Subtractions hours so far and plan to prepare effort, not counting the few hours resting. You try not ignore your challenges and passions. As a coach, you start to program the physical recovery of your girl, after so many changes, anatomical, physiological and the most complicated: the emotional .

Along with Janeth (my wife), programmed from well known walks to specific jobs pelvic floor, breathing exercises and maintain muscle tone . All these routines from the start of the third month. A morning walk with joint mobility exercises were our breakfast . We continue with specific toning exercises for legs , without reaching high intensities. All with the goal of keeping the tone muscular and aerobic intensity.

We kept our training routine until the end and I’ll tell you a secret that never left her zumba classes and belly dancing.

Then came the dilemma: as much exercise I do, I gain weight , gain weight … And then, how do I stay? … Well, with patience and a lot of effort again DIVINE!😀

Our motivation has never waned and my passion for fitness now has many more reasons. How do I say, “Only I will last the rest of my life.”

Thank you for sharing your story Caesar in Patry Fit Style ! I’ll tell you what will be from now our specific training for pregnancy .

For now, I’ll start with soft toning work without burdens , and I will continue with my long walks. I’m also looking for a good pregnancy yoga center , if you have some reference site, opinions are accepted .

See you on Thursday with new post Cute week!

A thousand kisses,



– Photo: Alex Adrover

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