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6 tips that extend the life of your manicure

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What woman does not suffer when viewing a malfunction in your manicure? And much more when it finds that this disaster happens soon after having painted nails. Even when they have done in a specialized center. Maybe for you it is still a mystery why sometimes you perfect your nails last longer than a week, and others, not three days.

Of course, the quality of the enamel has much to do with the duration of the finish. Like everything else, the better the formula, more and better adhesion to the surface of the nail will. But that is not all. Here are a number of tricks, very simple and easy to follow so that your manicure is extended impeccable! longer. Put them into practice and give long life to your nails.

– Use only perfect glazes. Either seniority or have closed wrong, if the paint is dry, it is impossible for you to extend well over the surface of the nail. Also his brush is hardened,  so you can leave traces in the form of rake to wipe the surface of the nail. It’s best to get rid of this enamel. But if you’re in love with that color and you know that they have already withdrawn from the market, you can try to revive him putting the boat in water bath for a few minutes, the heat flow will return. If the brush is unrecoverable, use one that corresponds to another enamel.

– Thoroughly clean nails with nail polish remover. Obviously you have to use it when you need to remove the previous enamel, but also dirt, oil and impurities that are deposited on the nail are guilty of the polish will not adhere properly. So should you wash your hands beforehand and then passes, nail by nail polish remover cotton impregnated before a manicure. 

– Always apply a base. Never apply paint directly to the nail. First you have to play naked is a clean and transparent base. Not only will the paint will last longer perfect time, but also standardizes and repairs any imperfect that is in the nail.

– Esmalta in thin layers.

The main reason why enamel usually flake shortly after painting nails is because it has been poorly implemented.
Not to apply several thick layers because they take longer to dry and you run the risk of bubbles appear. It must be done in thin layers,
always carrying the brush from root to the edge of the nails in upward movements . It is wrong to insist on the same route over and over again, as bad as applying a large amount of product. If a very opaque finish desired, apply a second coat, but whenever the first is completely dry.

– Finish with top coat.

After a
few minutes to dry the enamel is important to finish with u
na transparent seal layer, set the color and act as a protective shield from it. The gel formulations are best. Wait a long time to dry. If you’re in a hurry you can spend a hair dryer for a few seconds on your nails, cold temperature and low speed.

– Important maintenance. When several days pass, applies a new extra layer of brightness with the gel. This will slow rub the nails at the tips, plus you keep your bright manicure. If you feel your cuticles are dry, go to a cream or oil for cuticles and apply every night before going to sleep. Finally, try to stay at least one day without glaze, let your nails breathe.

Now you know what you have to do to make the enamel on your nails stay longer.


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