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6 tips to take care of your hair in spring and prevent it from falling

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Scientifically there is no evidence that in spring (or autumn) hair fall more than the rest of the year, as we told Dr. Virginia Sanchez, head of the Dermatology Service of HM Sanchinarro . “Although it is true that with the change of seasons from winter to spring and summer to autumn, there may be certain hormonal changes in women which make such hair loss is more pronounced , ” says Dr. Virginia Sanchez.

Hair loss should not worry unless lasting more than three months . Hair, like skin, must be renewed to win in quality, and the renewal form is precisely that: the hair falls (50 to 100 hairs a day) but every day new born.

“When the fall lasts longer than 3 months hair , yes we recommend going to see a dermatologist to study the problem and to find the most appropriate solution for each case , ” says Soledad Saenz Guirado, dermatologist AEDV (Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology).

Guidelines have a nice, shiny hair

1- A power equilibrad to is the first step to having a beautiful and healthy hair. Remember that hair and nails are the first parts of the body where the observed symptoms of a lack of nutrients .

2- If there is a deficiency of vitamins or minerals point, and suffer hair loss , then it is advisable to take a specific supplement, what we know as Nutricosmetics . But do not take them just because.

3- Wash your hair always be dirty. Forget about myths like to wash hair daily spoils, or if you wash more often, lose more hair . Every time you wash your hair an amount of hair fall. If you wash it less frequently, the number of hairs that fall by washing will be higher. That is, if you wash it daily, you will lose between 50-100 hairs, if you wash every 3 days will fall between 150-300 hairs.

4- Wear a suitable shampoo for your hair type and face any problem, opt for a soft one neutral , that does not irritate the scalp. According to dermatologists it is not scientifically proven that anti fall shampoos are effective but if you think you are losing more hair than usual, do not lose anything by using it.

5- dryers and curling irons will not make your hair fall more because they do not alter the hair root, but if you use very often by high temperatures reaching can damage the hair fiber, resulting in breakage of the stem, alterations in brightness and the general appearance of the hair.

6- Instead, the collected (pigtails and ribbons) very tight continuously used may itself cause hair loss and ultimately what is known as alopecia tractional. It is advisable to regularly change hairstyle and do not abuse the very tight hairstyles, but it’s okay to use them occasionally.

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