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Loss of gloss, color and elasticity of the hair fiber are direct effects of snuff on the hair, experts consulted by TodoDermo. “The snuff has a very negative influence on the whole organism in general and on the skin and hair in particular, with the aggravating circumstance that can be seen with the naked eye , ” said Lola Bou, dermatologist clinic Consultation Private Doctor Lola Bou , in Barcelona. “The alterations in the hair follicle, which is the deepest and where will emerge the hair part , says Bou, but also affects externally as “smoke subtracts the hair ‘s natural shine” , according to Miguel Sáez, dermatologist Dermatenerife clinic in Tenerife.

  • Smoking is also associated with aging skin and alopecia

Experts point seven tips to minimize problems and restore shine to the hair:

1. Stop smoking. Both experts agree that leave the snuff is essential to restore hair health. “The first step is definitely quit, because not only will benefit the hair but the health of all organs of the body , ” recalls Sáez.

2. Wash frequently. Bou notes that “the hair of smokers tend to get dirty more because they are more exposed to smoky environments.” Therefore, it recommends “wash more often to remove debris and toxins”.

3. Specific products. Both smokers and for those who leave, Bou advises “use shampoos delicate hair .” After the shower, ” it is appropriate to apply softening lotion or serum to increase the brightness.”

4. moisturizing masks. Saez and Bou opt for using hair masks to meet the hydration needs, which are greater in smokers. Bou emphasizes that ” it would be necessary to use masks once a week”.

5. Treatment with topical minoxidil. A part of the specific products to restore shine and enhance hydration, Saez include treatment with topical minoxidil to accelerate recovery Capila r: “It is a vasodilator that reverses the effects of nicotine”.

6. photoprotection. Whenever there is sun exposure, smokers and people who are in the process of leaving, must protect your skin and hair suited to your skin type photoresist remind both dermatologists.

7. Cut the hair. “It ‘s good to cut hair from time to time to have a better look and remove the part that is damaged by the smoke effect. Having managed to quit smoking, it is convenient to clean up the hair to remove all damaged capillary zone . “Bou said. “Although the court does not encourage it to grow more and faster, but makes the application of treatments more comfortable , ” qualifies Sáez.

SNUFF and alopecia
Smoking, besides being responsible for cardiorespiratory diseases, tumors and skin aging is also associated with alopecia. According Bou, “all the nutrients necessary for proper hair growth circulate through the blood, so in this transposes smokers is lower and the hair does not get all the elements necessary for its development” . The snuff “is a product with many, including nicotine, toxic components and is a potent vasoconstrictor which reduces blood flow to the hair follicle, reducing the size and number thereof” said Saez.

Alopecia is more related to men although Bou remember that hair problems associated with smoking and subsequent recovery, they rely heavily on cigarette consumption, accumulated damage from smoke and responsiveness of each agency. Hair growth is a dynamic and evolving process, so that by quitting smoking greatly enhances the essential contribution for nourishment. If proper care of cutting, washing and hydration are done, you can retrieve the desired look , “says Bou.

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