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The researcher Amit Lotan is the founder and CEO of Nidaria Technology, the company that manufactured and patented the photoresist Safe Sea , which inhibits jellyfish sting. This product comes from research conducted by Lotan aimed at studying aquatic jellyfish cells, invested in more than six years. “My research was funded by the United Nations and the Ministry of Environment of Israel, providing budget for research and raise awareness of the problem of jellyfish in territories like Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Greece, Italy, Slovenia and Malta “informs TodoDermo. In his opinion, “the global debate generated emphasized the need to develop tools to prevent jellyfish sting.”

The results of his research on the mechanism jellyfish sting were published in the journal Nature , in which he explained the mechanism used to inject the poison of jellyfish (toxins) in the body. Safe Sea is only sold in pharmacies because, as Lotan says, “the pharmacist is the professional best suited to explain and recommend the product to families and swimmers who plan to travel to the beach. Without their cooperation would not reach the user the benefits of Safe Sea , nor explain how it works and the added value of dual protection against the sun and against jellyfish stings. “

The debate on jellyfish stings, the public health problems that generate and deep knowledge acquired on cell injection, played an important role in their decision to develop Safe Sea, “the lotion to prevent jellyfish sting.” In total, researchers have spent more than ten years of research for development. Altogether they involved a large number of centers :

  • At Stanford University Hospital in California, it was tested to confirm the protection of marine nettle stings ( chrysaora )
  • In BFMC ( Bert Fish Medical Center ) in Florida, it was tested to confirm the protection against bites Atlantic box (Chiropsalmus).
  • Rambam Hospital in Israel, was analyzed to confirm the protection against bites rhopilema in the Mediterranean.
  • Nuremberg University in Germany, the levels of protection of Safe Sea were confirmed against swimmer’s itch (cercarial dermatitis).
  • The University of Minnesota tested the product in a test field of ocean.

As reported Lotan, the study findings suggest that the “formula inactive mechanisms bites and is useful for all kinds of jellyfish.”


Safe Sea provides specific treatments for all the groups. “Have cosmetic properties of cellular nutrition and aging (vitamins B and E), hydration (plankton extract and glycosaminoglycans) and has no (or parabens or formaldehyde) toxic preservatives” reports Lotan. This makes it “also suitable for pregnant women or children, with the precautions that the European Commission states in all sunscreens on babies up to 3 years for sun exposure , ” explains.

For children, the product was dermatologically tested for sensitive and specific for hypoallergenic skin . “Your skin is not yet fully developed immunologically, so it is more sensitive , ” says the researcher. “Surface-volume body ratio is higher, so if an equivalent to an adult area receives a sting, is receiving more venom than would an adult – from a point of view of volume – and will more likely to have a toxic reaction , “he explains. Therefore, “the same amount of toxins in a smaller body trigger potentially more severe symptoms.” However, treatment of Safe-Sea Children has higher content of biological, physical and mineral filters, which increases the security of the formula. “

In the case of the elderly, “especially if they have cardiovascular disease or undergoing treatment with several drugs, should beware of jellyfish sting so applied Safe Sea before plunging into the sea can be interesting.”

Besides these features, the full range of Safe Sea is Water Resistant , “maintaining its photo protective inhibition and jellyfish stings capacity for more than 80 minutes immersion in water ; It protects against oxidation of the skin with the vitamins B and E as antioxidants incorporating biological filters “. It has, therefore, “anti – aging effect and for the active components such as plankton extract, glycosaminoglycans, collagen, etc.” adds.



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