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7 tips to care for male skin at this time of year

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Men increasingly care more about their physical appearance is a fact. That time when it cost them to devote time to his skin left behind. Now men and women want to live healthier and feel better about themselves.
Men’s skin has its own peculiarities. Therefore, although the cosmetics used by women act the same way in them, it is true that the light textures are better suited to your skin because, generally, tend to oilier skin and dense , which It makes them suffer more prone to acne and sagging, but also benefit from greater amount of elastin and collagen, making wrinkles appear later.

So in this post we are going to give 7 tips
men ‘s skin care .

It is therefore necessary to
clean the skin with a specific gel for the face. It is important
not to use hand soaps and body in the face , which may destroy the layer of natural skin protection, which defend produce more sebum in an attempt to protect the battery, so that eruptions may appear (granite) and irritation. Tip: if you rinse it with cold water, you will close the pores and this will make your skin look smoother and softer.

An indispensable duo will:
GF Vital Age Cream for normal / combination skin with epidermal growth factor and sunscreens UVA / UVB, reinforced Krono-Age Serum , which helps fight the flab which are so prone men and define the facial oval.

Commitment to perform this ritual of beauty and your skin is clean and moisturized.

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