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7 tips to recover your hair after the summer

In Hair Care Tips

Your hair is rough? Without shine? Does it present a yellowish color? The sun, chlorine, salt … are lethal to your hair. And while you’re protected, certainly around the holidays it does not have the same look. It’s time to restore vitality to your hair regain its color, if you have dyed, get to shine again and have a soft and silky touch.

Summer wreaks havoc on hair, especially in those who are dyed or highlighted. The rays of the sun, pool chlorine, the salt sea and wind dry out the hair, change color, make it lose its luster and softness … And the result around the holidays is usually a dry hair, with open, weak and split ends with a straw-colored, dull, rough to the touch … in short, a mess of hair to be recovered as soon as possible. How? With these tips you’ll get it in a few days:

1- Go to your usual hairdresser . Appointment should be required to clean up after the summer ends, changing haircut, if you want to start the season with a new look, get your usual color or fuses, or apply yourself any specific treatment to repair damaged hair.

2- If you do not go through the salon, at home you can also follow these guidelines to restore your hair after the summer: use highly concentrated formulas . It’s time to apply yourself nourishing shampoo for dry and damaged hair.

3- Always apply after each wash conditioner means to ends . And twice a week, replaces the conditioner by a mask repair.

4- Avoid using hair dryers, irons, stylers … tools that tend to dry the hair. You can always dry your hair outdoors.

5- The allied product for your hair regain its hydration is the oil or serum . Choose the formula that you like and use it on the tips, on dry or wet hair.

6- A homemade and simple trick to make your hair shine more is finish washing rinsing with cold water as much as you can stand, or lend a splash of vinegar in the final rinse.

7- Do not forget to watch your food . A varied and balanced diet is essential to show your hair a healthy appearance.

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