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8 steps for a perfect express makeup

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You never tell your makeup because not have time or do not know how, but I love to look good. You just need 10 minutes to be beautiful in a natural makeup also it will hold all day. Here I leave 8 easy to follow steps.

1. Match your skin tone

Before you begin, your skin must be clean and moisturized. Creates a complexion unified appearance (after taking the sun is necessary, because the majority left us some speck another, or chin is darker) using a pure oxygen – containing liquid base to moisturize the skin . Apply it using fingertip ring to give flick or sponge ‘beauty blender’, but remember: in small quantities and without covering your entire face, only in areas with more defects . If you prefer to get a lighter makeup, choose a loose powder and apply them with the help of a thick brush on the nose, forehead, chin and cheeks.

Also another very simple option when you’re in a hurry is to mix and apply a moisturizer with a little foundation or use a BB or CC cream.

2. Apply the concealer only where necessary

Using a brush or override your finger, apply concealer under the eyes to hide any darker circle, and the imperfections you see : on the sides of the nostrils, on the sides of the corner of his mouth and under these just above the chin. If the imperfections are too red, applied before corrector greenish; while if they are too gray, like spots, choose beige tones.

3. Illuminate

It enlightens and gives instant shine to your skin in three key places in your face. Using a highlighter powder is easier to apply with a brush, so do it under the eyes, in the upper area of the cheekbones , and very gently from the front and straight over the nose to the chin. They are also very good and easy to apply illuminators to ‘stick’; and if you use liquid illuminator, remember to use very little and blend well to join your foundation and remain untainted.

4. Line your lids with kohl pencil or 

Define your eyes quickly drawing a line with the pencil above the upper lashes . Then, with the fingertip or with the help of a brush shadows, blurs the line a little so it does not look perfect and a more casual touch.

If you want to see your eyes a little makeup , use a shade lighter shade or brown to make up the entire eyelid and then makes a fine delineated on top of your lashes. You can make your eyeliner with a brush and some dark brown or black shade to a dry finish; or use an eyeliner or gel ink to show a more intense look and damp long – lasting finish.

‘Smokey Express’:  to get them in record time, a very effective trick is to mix some kohl with foundation and apply this mixture with your fingers on the eyelids.

5. Top tabs

When you try to be ready quickly all you really need is to accentuate the eyelashes , especially the upper. Rízalas and apply mascara to the upper lashes and add a touch to the lower, let them dry and reapplies a second layer of root tips and back, so they are well defined and thick.

6. Colorete

Apply blush on the apples of the cheeks and blend color to the temples . If you want to make your cheekbones more, I recommend that you apply bronzing powder and blusher darker than you will use just below the cheekbone, blurring very well and always in ascending order .

7. Natural Brow

Thick and ultranaturales take but if you need to , you can dip an eyeshadow the same color to you perfilarlas a little. Do always following the natural shape of the eyebrow, starting from the inner corner and moving out. 

8. Lip Bar

Complete your look with a natural lip color and a touch of brightness. A foolproof trick if you are not very good is to dare face with lipstick red, pink or coral shades. Eyes will be focused on your mouth.

List! Face, eyes and perfect lips. In just 5 minutes you will have obtained an ideal look to show your best side every day and we will never neglect your image!

My favourites:

– If your skin tends to shine, before applying your base uses a mattifying gel as Givenchy Mister Mat (25 €).

– Mix your eyeliner with your foundation for a smoked effect on your eyes. Use a creamy pencil as Khol Eye Smolder MAC (€ 15 approx.).

– If you want to outline your lips and correct any imperfections, I recommend the pen Cupid’s Bow Set Benefit (€ 29,50).

– Brow Zings Benefit (29 €) containing a wax with fixatives powders to fill eyebrows, mini brush to blend and clamp depilatory.

– CC cream Forever Light Creator CC Cream Yves Saint Laurent (60 € approx.).

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