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8 ‘tightlining’ makeup keys or washed face effect

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Hello everybody!
effect “face wash” is fashionable  and is a recurring trend on the international catwalks, especially for spring-summer. It is a ‘hit’ unstoppable in makeup. If you resort to it, it appears to have not gone through the miracle of brushes, brushes and shadows, because the  impression is that you are not made up . Surely it is a trick that sweeps the ‘celebrities’. It is a very simple technique and perfect for those days that require little makeup but in a rising pouting and needs fixing.
1. called

and based on the eye delineate the inner area of ​​the upper lid, that is, the water line of the tabs above (and in the same tabs). The result is quite amazing. Input, because it looks very natural and really the color line is not seen just because it seems to be the base of the lashes themselves. It is an option that also serves to hide small defects (eg, a small eyelid).

2. The eye is defined , framed eyes and lashes are bushier and more starts, so that in daytime makeup can give up the mask. However, the invisible outlined is also the perfect touch for moments of more sophisticated makeup, like a ‘cat eye’ or ‘smokey eye’, because it eliminates any trace of the natural color of the skin under the eye.
Choose ‘eyeliner’ easy application in pencil or gel. The greater resistance water has, the better the effect, as it will prevent the risk of dirtying the lower eyelid.

4. Use the brush or pen tip to cover the inside of the eyelid superior or mobile. Preferably there will be a eyelining only from the middle of the lid to the outside area covering mainly the areas remaining between the hairs of each tab.

5. Raise the eyelid (upper eyelid) and see pelito between each lash small holes. It is fill those gaps at the root with eyeliner, passing the tip below the lash line, taking care to fill all the space between them.

6. The closer you get to the lacrimal plus effect will be perceived and less natural result.

7. The process ends with a mascara that separates each hair well to what you recommend a silicone brush.

8. If you want an even more intense result can repeat the operation with the tabs above . And ready. If you doubt that you can get a fine and millimetric line, there is another trick. In this case, instead of the classic pencil choose ‘eyeliner’ gel and the finite brush seen making small dots on the inner lash line (also applies to the external outlined). When you finish, start again, painting the new points in the gaps that have remaining, and so on until you finish.


1. Isadora Waterproof Eyeliner Gel – exclusive Douglas (13.95 €).

Artdeco Soft Waterproof Eyeliner (9,95 €)

3. Perfect Stay Astor waterproof pencil (10 € approx.)
4. Fluid Line Blactrak MAC (€ 19 approx.)

5. Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel eyeliner. Black Ink (€ 23 approx.) 

As always, very happy thirsty! Until my next post! xxx

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