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8 tips for a young skin

In Skin Care Tips

The vast majority of people we forget to give it the attention it deserves in the care of our skin. 

The skin is an essential part of our body, because it covers completely and gives away over time, and
may increase if we do not take the necessary measures to curb its


1- Beware of too much sun

Abuses of sun and moisture shortages are some of the enemies of perfect skin and in summer we often neglect these aspects although it
is more important to consider what

throughout the year.

Keep skin covered by a protective high protection is essential if we are
to stay in the sun for a long time. And always avoiding exposures in the middle of the day.

2- The importance of sport

sports is essential to keep skin in perfect condition, and we will
get on and improve blood circulation. Thus we achieve give the skin the nutrients

needed to enhance its brightness and firmness.

3- hydrate

maintain adequate hydration throughout the day is essential.
It is therefore advisable to consume an average of two liters of water per day. The trick is to do it consistently so that the body

is always hydrated.

4- alcohol and snuff out

Leave aside the snuff and alcohol is essential.
The snuff worsens blood flow, thus preventing proper nutritional supply of the skin. Alcohol happens that the skin tends to

become more fat due to excess profess work on the liver to absorb alcohol in the body.
In addition, the smoking we force the mouth adopt a gesture that eventually end up

creating wrinkles around the lips.

5- The sleeping

The sleeping position will
also play an important time to have wrinkles or appear in areas like the neck and chin paper. The most appropriate position for rest is face up,

because in this way will
keep stretched these most delicate parts of the face and neck. When sleeping on your side or other positions will tend to facilitate leaving wrinkles on the chin, cheeks and

neck, as they incur bad posture that will
affect the appearance of marks.

Beware 6- sugar

Sugar consumption is not too good for almost nothing in our bodies and in the case of the skin, it is no exception. 

Sugar causes the destruction of elastin and collagen skin accelerates, leading to lose elasticity.
This will get the aging of the fibers and accelerate

our skin look more rumpled than it should.

Caring 7- delicate areas of the face

are particularly delicate areas of the face for skin that consists, as it is thinner and therefore weak.
This is the case of the eye area . Gesture rub eyes may

end up weakening and accelerate the appearance of wrinkles in the area.
Ideally , apply creams with simple taps to activate circulation and improve irrigation in the area.


The same happens with the eyes occurs with the contour of the lips, as it is an area susceptible to generate many wrinkles.
A gesture that we discussed earlier,

as smoking is harmful, but other repetitive gestures, such as chewing gum, are too.
The effect this has on the lip contour is to tend to wrinkle because it will force too

the part of the lips and muscles.

8- How to choose the products we apply on the skin

There are
lots of products on the market, but not always choose the most suitable products for your skin type or apply in times when the skin will absorb


To do this we invite you to come and see us and we
‘ll help you choose the right products for your skin type and will give you all the tips to boost your results.

We will wait for you!

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