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8 tips for hand and nail care this winter

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You already know what the best routine to follow for the care of hands and nails? If there is a part of our body that we often forget, mistreat and that would certainly be ninguneamos hands. Hands are part of the upper limbs of the human body, are the main body for physical manipulation of the medium; through them not only we manipulate objects, put, remove, move, write, I do Todolo hands … in fact the ability to perform certain movements with fingers differentiates us from primates and is characteristic of the human species.

Hands also use them to perceive what surrounds us , we associate the sense of touch with bare hands since the fingertips there are many nerve endings and why they are so sensitive touch to know and the information they collect our hands reaches our brain and helps us build the mental image we have of the world.

Through hands we relate to others in all areas , in our innermost circle, we cherish, we touch and we hold hands to show us love, care and affection. In other areas over distances in terms of physical contact are saved but used to know someone when you shake hands or support a hand on someone to give two kisses courtesy so it is very Important act and worry about the care of hands and nail.

We can not forget that our hands talk about us, and they do because they are part of our body language, how to move them or gestures that do often be understood if not accompanied by words; Also the appearance of our hands say things about us, about the kind of work we exercise, how old we get , habits of hygiene and grooming, or if we like to take care of

Most of us do not pay much attention to the care of our hands, poor everything they give us and how little they ask us … but that we can solve it now by following these simple tips for the care of hands and nails:

  1. WELL wash your hands , as often as necessary, make a proper hand hygiene and when the case also requires nails, try using soap with neutral pH and does not contain an excessive amount of detergents that dry much skin , avoid using excessively hot water, better temperature pulling cold.
  2. Use moisturizer daily to provide the skin loses water constantly, choose textures that you like and allow you to continue your activity so you do not let the hand cream forgotten in a corner.
  3. Once a week exfoliates and nourishes . To make a deeper treatment uses a gentle exfoliating and nourishing creams with rich textures or more oils such as argan oil or rosehip for example, do not forget to apply nail.
  4. Watch your NAILS , more or less short, with or without enamel … Everyone chooses his style but please fingernails clean, well smoothed and above all healthy.
  5. Wear gloves if you are handling detergents or other chemicals that can damage the skin of the hands.
  6. SUN protect them , throughout life hands receive a lot of sunlight, in fact one of the main signs of aging are small spots that appear on the back of hands; in most cases because we forget sunscreen use. A good idea can be used as a protective Ladival Action Blemish , it has a texture that provides moisture without leaving greasy, protects from the sun and also become clearer those little spots that betray us.
  7. Protect them from cold, use good gloves in winter when you expose at low temperatures.
  8. Protect them from mechanical damage, whether you make gardening or catch weights at the gym using adequate protection.

If we follow these best practices for the care of hands and nails, well thought out and it is so difficult or time-consuming, we will have a beautiful and healthy hands; but more, more, more importantly, use our hands as a tool for happiness, which help us to convey love, to touch and caress those who want, this really is the definitive advice.

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Macarena Pérez Ruiz

Macarena Pérez Ruiz

Pharmaceutical in Pharmacy Sciences 18

Macarena Pérez Ruiz is the head of the Pharmacy farmacética Sciences 18 Sevilla, optimistic or yes, athlete, addicted to cosmetic dermatology, very active on social networks and blog author of a pharmaceutical advice. Restless spirit and linked to several initiatives that promote sport and healthy living from the pharmacy. You can read more of his articles on the blog of Pharmacy Sciences 18


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