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8 tricks to have healthy hair

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Hair, like skin suffers a lot at this time of year because of cold. To shine and be healthy is necessary to pamper you and bring you extra hydration and protect it from external agents. But quiet, winter wear is not incompatible with “Pelaz” so we give you eight tricks for you to let go of her hair.

suitable shampoo . Each corresponds to a particular hair shampoo, if we use the wrong products we are damaging our hair. Detects what kind of hair you have and acquires the right products for fine, dry, oily, curly or straight hair.

Home Treatments . In winter you will have more time to apply home treatments in your hair. Facemasks softeners, brighteners teas, smoothies moisturizers, apply any remedy you decide to improve your hair you must act on your hair for at least 15 minutes. Then just rinse and wash as usual, you will reinforce your hair in winter.

Tools Heat. In winter they are almost essential, especially the dryer. So bad is going outside with wet hair at low temperatures as abusing dryers, irons and curling irons. Use these items sparingly and dry your hair before towel to reduce drying time and thus the risk of damage.

Hydrate . Hair hydration is key in all seasons. External agents acting on it even cold. Air, rain or even snow cause almost irreparable damage to your hair. How to keep it at bay is to make hydration is an essential step in your beauty routine based masks and hair oils.

Hair loss . Hair undergoes cyclical falls with seasonal changes. If this winter are noticing more hair you lose your account, use fall protection shampoo for a month and notice how your hair again be what it was. You can also use blisters or reinforcing food supplements to prevent this from happening.

Avoids frizz . With the cold air all tend to show greater hair frizz when the weather is drier. To combat this effect yourself with products intended it as blisters or sprays anti frizz.

Hair treatment . After the summer is the best time to perform hair treatments that help repair damage hair summer and prepare for the new season, cold and uncomfortable even for your hair. Keratin treatments are the best because they nourish hair, give it an extra shine, seal the cuticles and last three months, perfect for the excessive cold abandon us.

Haircuts . Winter is a good time to give us a good cut her hair for two reasons: we get rid of the havoc that summer because our hair and maintain a perfect tips that moisture and heat tools, tend to open even in winter.


Shampoo : Sebastian Potion (28 euros approx), L’Oreal Professionnel Serie Expert Sensi Balance Shampoo (8 euros approx).

2. Masks

For a strong and resistant hair:  Extreme Strenght Builder Plus Redken. It is formulated with a very high level of ceramides to help you repair your hair in an intense way, while they give to each hair conditioning and dese extreme strength inside.
For curly hair : Oleo-Curl Kerastase Nutritive Intense. This mask is special to nourish curly hair. Its nutri-smoothing properties are responsible for identifying each of your curls, leaving your skin soft, shiny hair and movement.
For dry hair : Deep Repair Masque Olive Oil Kiehl’s. As its name says, consists of olive oil plus lemon extract and avocado oil. Its main objective is to moisturize your hair if it is dry.
3. Hair Mask : Moroccanoil Restorative. This treatment will help revitalize your hair in just 5 minutes. Its formula is made with argan oil and protein, which help strengthen and restructure the damage that your hair has suffered due to chemical treatments.
4. homemade mask .The avocado is one of the most beneficial fruits to repair damaged or dry hair and leave very smooth and shiny. Espachurrar the pulp of an avocado with a fork and apply on hair with your hands and then move the brush to reach all the hair extension. Cover the head with a shower cap or a plastic sheet. So having it for about 20 minutes. Then washed with normal shampoo. 
5. Hair Dryers:  Babyliss, our favorite (45 euros approx.)

6. Hair Straighteners:  GHD and Brown.

I wish you much happiness and I see in my next post!


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