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9 makeup tricks to hide the drooping eyelid

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At a certain age the eyelids lose elasticity and begin to fall, although many people have this characteristic naturally. No matter what the case, makeup tricks used to dissimilar drooping eyelids are the same. I count them :

1. Apply a shadow matte basis

uses a base beige shade in the eyebrow arch down toward the eyelid and affecting the tear.
In these cases, try not to use shiny or pearly shades, as only abombar even get the upper eyelid.

2. Use matte brown shadow on your eyelid

Apply eye shadow earth tone by mobile eyelid.
Then, with a light brown shadow looks up the eye socket up to where the fixed eyelid begins. Dale basin shape of your eye. Then merges the two shadows to avoid cuts and unify everything in one color.

3. Delineate your eyes with black pencil top of the tabs

is very important, outline your eye.
It applies Khol pencil type eyes, draw a fine line flush of your lashes, which lengthens showing a slight corner drawn to the temple. Then repeat the same operation, with the lower lashes. Try not to blend the product and thus get a more pronounced effect.

4. Apply plenty of black mascara

to finish trying to
maintain a curved, dense lashes. To do this, apply plenty of mascara in both the upper lashes as inferior. Seeks to influence the tips of lashes to score more your eyes and focus on eyelashes and eye amplitude.

5. Use false eyelashes

One of the best tricks of makeup drooping eyelids really makes a big difference is the use of false eyelashes.
These can be applied across the eyelid or just from the center to the outer edge. In addition to these tips, it is important you employ suitable colors to your skin type and tone eyes. This point makes the difference in any makeup.

6. Coordinate with the rest of your face

Rather than venture to hide a prominent cheeks or wide nose, consider focus all your attention on eyebrows.
Yes, a perfectly defined eyebrows plucked and can liven up your eyes corrected without makeup.

7. Make up your eyebrows

Create a high angle help lift your gaze.
If you are slim, you can fill with appropriate makeup eyebrows. Fair highlighter under the eyebrow also allows your eyes look more open.

8. Eyeliner

If you’re going to make eyeliner for a cat eye look, well filled space between tabs and skin, otherwise the line could look sloppy and not get a lifting effect.

9. Beware brightness

Applying a touch of gloss to the inner corner of the eyes is one of the most effective tricks of makeup drooping eyelids.
However, the brightness should be applied only in the inner corners of the eyes and very subtly.


– Base makeup Sisley Phyto Teint Eclat (45 € approx.)

– Base Makeup
Stila CC Color Correcting Cream (38 € approx.)

– Illuminator
Le Touche Eclat YSL (22 € approx.)

– Illuminator Hightligher of
Acessorize (9 € approx.)

– Base eye presombra long –
Base Paupières Pro – Aquatique Lancome (25 € approx).

– Shadows – of
Stila in the Moment eye Shadow Palette (32 € approx).

– Shadow pencil
Eyeko me and My Shadow (19 € approx.)

– Shadows 4 powder Queen of Hearts Eyeshadow Palette of
Kiko (14 € approx.)

– Mask, Extra Wow Lash mascara,
Rimmel (9 € approx.)

– Mask Pro
Gel Mask ( 8 € approx.)

– Cejas to set and define – BrowDrama of
Maybelline (12 € approx).

– Eyebrows for paint and fix them Brow Box of
Urban Decay . (29 € approx)

– Liquid Eyeliner Black Eyeliner -Skinny of
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– Khol Pencil Hypnôse Waterproof Khôl of
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– Lash Wardrobe of
Eye ko (€ 18 approx.)

– YSL Rouge
Creme Blush (€ 38 approx.)

– Lipsticks of
Marc Jacobs (25 € approx.)

Until my next post!
Be happy. xxx

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