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9 mistakes that you should avoid when it comes to makeup

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Sometimes it
happens that
we do not know why our makeup we do not like anything. And it is that we make mistakes when putting on makeup that make instead of seeing more

beautiful, just the opposite occurs.
To help you solve this
I will tell some mistakes that are easy to avoid:

1. Never wear makeup on traces of makeup. Sometimes, after a hard day, we return to our

makeup for a dinner or an evening event without cleaning the skin before.
It is a big mistake,

because it is likely that the old delineated
causes dark circles effect and the base does not remain sharp and cause an welt effect. We should always remove makeup to make up for


2. Use the right foundation for your skin type. For normal-dry skin it is best to use a

liquid –
based moisturizer that will help us standardize texture and color, thus avoiding the skin absorb

the makeup and it disappears shortly after having applied.
If you have oily skin you should

bases are
not fat
to avoid glare. 

3. Choosing the wrong color foundation: remember that everything that does not look natural tea adds years. Always

it has to be our skin tone or one less in doubt.
Then to give more

color or tan look what we can achieve with a
sun powder or translucent.

4. Apply more Corrector you need: avoid applying a large amount of concealer on the lines of

expression without difuminarlo properly.
Instead of hiding defects you will achieve the opposite effect.

This usually happens with concealers then leave
a ‘mask’ effect on our eyes.

5. Apply too translucent powder or blusher. It is best put in areas where there are no

wrinkles and always taking into account the shape of our facial oval.
Stroke is very important to

do with the brush to make it more natural.

6. A very common mistake that some women is to paint the eye contour with light colors to

create a contrast effect when the natural is dark.
It is always best shape with brown or

black, but the effect will be feeble and hardly ever flattering.

7. Delineate both eyes and lips in a very defined or highlighted, ie, without blurring. What

gives harmony to make is to
choose one of the two; or dial eyes or lips. We must

bear in mind that the softer lines are always more natural.

8. Eyebrows are an important part of our makeup, but sometimes we forget them.
They help frame our eyes and give strength and character. Use a brush for eyebrows and eye shadow

to shape and color.
In addition, this season
they look well marked, so do not be afraid to

make them

9. Apply excess amount of mascara: not to apply a large amount tabs

are better, we will leave lumps which will make our lashes look with worse definition, and

sometimes that makes the effect appear shorter.

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