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9 tips to add charm to yourself within 10 minutes

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1. Make restraint Natural Skin 

Asian girls are hot
See the sun or UV rays, most of the day. Fear that dark skin is not white or not. Do not waste your time with the foundation, concealer or powder to white and exaggerating it. Let our skin is natural. Makeup by our skin tone. I can not garnish more attractive than pretty thick paste thick enough counties

2. Stand with your back straight

Notice the red carpet or beautiful actresses on television.
No one is sitting or standing hunchbacked it. That’s because They know that if a camera ago. Standing upright elegance is the best friend of the essence here. Standing upright, not just extra nice personality is confident it alone. Women health magazine, but has never mentioned that. Standing behind the fall helped camouflage the chest makes a move. Not too pendulous belly

3. Put the clothes that suit their bodies. 

Clothes to fit the shape of our own to make it look even more elegant.
Sometimes buying the garment stores to fit the size of our stock may not be easy. But after purchase If you do not fit May be too big or too small. Some stores now offer modifications made to it before buying. Let’s not waste time to 10 minutes talking to a mechanic to fix the fit. This will be pretty fit to wear to look better course


4. walk

if you have time to exercise.
Walking also helps you look better to me. According to research Active.com says As we walk every day can help you lose weight. It also helps the healthy and not as cold as well. Walking is considered good exercise on blood pressure and heart rate. This will help you to look younger to me.

5. fragrance

if you think that the attractive appearance is a constant need to re-think it.
Because the site Askmen.com survey says that most men think the scent of a woman is attracted to the charm. But be assured that the smell is not too pungent. If you were a perfume May give both yourself and those around you feel a headache rather than a charismatic or 

6. trim trim trim

If the salon you never routine did not include the removal of various kinds.
You have time to me Whether it’s trimming his hair to look beautiful. Trim to shape eyebrows Ear nose hair trimmer or unwanted. In the age of ever-increasing. Hormonal changes in the body may cause hair growth in places like never before. The removal will help restore confidence back to you. Including smoother skin with it

7. Use a concealer.

Dark circles under the eyes are a sign that you’re on vacation is not enough.
However, for some Dark circles under the eyes may occur naturally or by pulses Transactions. Try using concealer cream to reduce dark circles under the eyes to see it. It allows you to look up eyes. Tip this guy was able to use it. If you have any advice to give someone used this technique to look together.


If you feel tired,
Others will be able to recognize it from the eyes, not refreshing. Is there a way to solve it easily Just take 10 minutes. Find a quiet corner in the room, close the door and not let anyone interfere. Eyes nap for 10 minutes You have to keep refreshing Information from the Wall Journal street used to say that a nap of 10 to 20 minutes a freshness and energy to it. By that time, the best choice is the period between 13:00 to 16:00. I 

9. Vitamin supplements can help.

Healthy skin will look radiant.
This is what makes you look fresh and natural charm. Supplements or vitamins that may help restore the body’s natural if you have just recovered from illness. However, should the natural vitamins and reliable. Or how it is best to seek medical advice to eat properly by the body’s needs. But what is the best diet for 5 groups to exercise regularly, your body will have good immunity. 


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