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A badly used laser can make hair removal more difficult – Pharmaceutical Post – All Dermo

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In laser hair removal, if incorrect energies are used, it can have the opposite effect, such as the hair becomes too thin and then be impossible to remove completely. So warns Esther Cuerda, of the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (AEDV). Moreover, the expert explains that he can also appear what is known as “paradoxical effect”. It happens when using the laser hair removal stimulates new hair growth in the contiguous zone. ” It appears with some frequency in the face of women -concreta rope- and to avoid have to use the right in each case energies and protect adjacent areas”.

  • The use of a topical anesthetic to avoid discomfort may cause local intolerance reactions

Maria Isabel Soriano, a dermatologist at the IMED Hospital of Elche, says it can also appear what is known as purple: “This effect is caused by bleeding under the skin, which generated a rash of red or purple. It may be caused by damage to the wall of a blood vessel and is usually a temporary effect that disappears within three to five days.” Moreover, “they are rare and are usually due to inadequate parameters using the laser equipment” enlightens Rope.

related laser hair removal, the use of a topical anesthetic used in some patients to avoid discomfort during hair removal can also cause local intolerance reactions or larger if applied in large areas. In these cases, he warns, “the anesthetic can penetrate and reach the bloodstream , ” but is very rare.

Before turning to laser hair removal is important to mention that care must be taken if suffering from certain diseases. And, as noted, dermatologist, this technique should not be used “in areas with active herpes lesions or areas with a bacterial infection.” Furthermore, use may worsen certain skin lesions, such as nevus, lupus or light – dependent tumors such as basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinomas and melanomas.

Apart from these considerations, the application of laser hair removal can cause inconvenience or undesirable effects, including Soriano, highlights, irritation with redness, pain, itching and swelling, “something that is relieved by cooling area after treatment “; blisters and burns, “when a higher frequency laser which is used required”; hyper- or hypopigmentation, scarring and infections.

To differentiate those serious injury susceptible of being seen by a dermatologist those blotches and harmless irritation, Soriano states that if there is “burning and burning with redness or blisters” should be referred to a doctor. This has to prescribe antiinflammatory treatment, topical corticosteroids normally and / or antibiotics.

As additional tips should avoid sun exposure and when injuries are more serious, do not apply creams or taking medications without being evaluated by a dermatologist.

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