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A basic makeup kit for your day to day life

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Corina Randazzo and Nahir teach you basic makeup they use every day. 

Very good love!

Once more we fulfill our duties and we bring you
a post dedicated to all those who bombardeáis us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook 
asking for our daily makeup kit . And as you know, O you you send! Hahaha… 

I speak a little of our flagship products, saving us a lot of trouble, those who make our sleep accumulated go unnoticed and getting the shine off our face does not turn off or with shorter nights. Nahir my sister and I are totally different skin. And as you know it is important that every makeup suits not only your skin tone but skin type .

As I told you on another occasion, I have atopic skin which makes me see the need to use adapted to this type of skin products, as natural as possible. My favorites are “Lingerie de Peau” of Guerlain and makeup brand Stage Line . Both bases are soft and light , if you put a small amount even noticed that you made up.

On the other hand my sister’s favorite Nahir belong to L’Oreal and Kiko. Usually choose when makeup between the ‘L’ Oreal Infallible 24 hours , ‘and’ Le Accord Perfect ‘. As for the  lipsticks and nail your favorite perfenecen for signature Kiko.  I think that is absolutely all! Ha ha ha … Dozens of them to go to match any color you can think of .

Also we tested the new mascara Kiko,  we have received one of the last boxes of  Guapabox . It has already become one of our irreplaceable. This is the new mask ‘Kiko Sculupt Extra’, which makes us worship our makeup eyelashes.  

As for the corrector and illuminator, essential in my case because of my inseparable dark circles, I choose almost always the corrector ‘Ainhoa Passion’ and the illuminator ‘The One’.

I hope that it has been helpful to many of you this post with products that are part of our survival kit beauty.

A big hug and millions of kisses.



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