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A perfect tan in 8 steps

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In the last article TEZ shared with you 4 important recommendations to consider before and after exposure to sunlight and UV rays. In view of that Easter is approaching and many of us decided to spend this week of reflection and rest outside the city and sometimes near a beach advise you 8 steps to achieve a perfect tan, avoid burns care of your skin and lONGER tan.

Sun tanningThe two products when tanning can not miss are the sunscreen and of course sunscreen, but now must be considered added to the kit tanning pre products and tanning after not only to have better results, but also to care the skin.
Let’s peel! This is an important step of skin preparation for tanning, exfoliation removes dead skin cells and thus can achieve a more homogenous color. This should be done one or two days before the exhibition. Choose products exfoliants that hydrate your skin as sweat depletes water reserves of the skin and moisturizing products help your skin retain the moisture.
Blocker according skin type.The clearer the color of your skin, need greater protection. If your skin is sensitive or sweat a lot, you should keep in mind that you should probably use one specialist. It is important to choose a sunscreen with a high protection factor, SPF 60 minimum, this index is indicating how long it takes to burn a person. For example, if a person ‘s skin begins to redden or burn after 10 minutes of exposure, which indicates the factor, it would take 60 times as long with SPF 60.
Protect your face. In the same way that your body, choose a sunscreen that suits your skin type. If you sweat a lot or you’ll be in contact with water, apply one waterproof and renew it at least every three hours. After exposure to the sun moisturizes your skin with a facial mask . Golden color without burning. Apply the bronzer oil on the block, so no burns get a golden tone. If you go to brown for several days, do it gradually begins with a high sun protection sunscreen and see decreasing. Help him in the sun. With medical and dermatological supervision, you can consume 15 days before exposure, tanning enhancing substances, usually derived from tyrosine, which provide amino acids and nutrients that promote the production of melanin. It is very important, if you decide to do, it ‘s always under medical and dermatological supervision. Carrot consumption also helps a few days before for its high content in carotenes. Make it last. To have a lasting tan, you should moisturize your skin, an option for immediately after exposure are creams and gels afte sun. When the holidays have passed and still uses the body moisturizer of your choice to get up and before going to sleep. To preserve the tone just use self – tanning towels 2 or 3 times a week will make your tan lasts and lasts. And what about the head? The scalp is a common site of skin cancer and your hair also needs protection, on the market there are a variety of products that care for and protect your hair and scalp from sun exposure. After exposure is good that you apply a hair mask that moisturizes deeply . Eye with your eyes. The glasses give a unique look, very beachy, but also help you to protect two very delicate and extremely sun sensitive areas such as the eye contour and eyelid so it uses glasses with sunscreen.
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